Alexander Bonds was a black man, Officer Miosotis Familia was black… where’s Black Lives Matter when you need ’em???

RIP Officer Familia. So sad. When will the killing of our police officers stop?

Since media outlets of all kinds won’t show who the shooter was then I will. Media will say who the name of the shooter was but they won’t show a picture of him. Why? Simply because the man who killed Officer Familia was black. So the assassination of Officer Familia was a black on black crime.

Man who assassinated NYPD officer in the Bronx previously assaulted police: report

If the shooter was a white man then I’m sure liberal media and BLM would have pummeled him for it. Speaking of BLM, where are they when you need ’em? BLM only responds when a white police officer shoots an unarmed black person. They don’t respond to black on black crime for whatever reason. Black on black crime is real and it exists in America. Black on black crime happens all the time. It’s just that media of all types refuses to be honest about it. They always have to be politically correct over these things.

The reason is, the media doesn’t want to make the black community look bad. If they reported honestly on blacks, then their careers  in journalism would have been over.

I hope Trump releases a statement on this today and I’m sure he will once he gets around to it ’cause he’s on his way to a trip to Poland right now.

You see? We Trump supporters are not racists at all, we care about our black people. Trump has a lot of black supporters, by the way. Plenty of them.



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