Isn’t it amazing how people have no respect for public gyms nowadays? WTF???

I love going to my hometown YMCA in Greenwich but each time I go, I learn that people have no respect for public gyms at all. People do annoying things that disrespect the gym… Things like… I’ll name a top 10 in no particular order:

  • Never putting the weights back when they’re finished: I can’t count how many times people do this. Happens all the time. Guys in the gym never putting the weights back when they’re done with them. Very rarely you see staff going around putting the weights back, they just hang at the front desk even during slow days. I don’t think the staff even cares.
  • Slamming weights on floor after done with their sets:  This is against the rules at the Y but guys do it anyways. They do it all the time and the staff don’t seem to care as well.
  • Huge Egos and show offs: Unfortunately, you’re going to run into these kind of guys at the gyms. You’re always going to meet huge egos and show offs. Men who are huge narcissists in the gym and just love their body a bit too much. Sometimes I see men stand there and pose in front of a  mirror and things like that. The mirrors at gyms are not used to show off, they are there so you can watch out for your form when you work out. So what if you have a great physique. Congratulations. I don’t go to gyms to admire other people’s physiques. I go to focus on my own thing.
  • Too much talking: You see people talk a long time in between sets. Guys talking with each other between sets a long time. Nothing wrong with talking to people in between sets but talk just a few minutes not just for 20 minutes or more. It’s not good for the muscle if you waste time talking a long time in between sets. Plus, talking a long time during your workouts is disrespectful for other people trying to workout.
  • Texting or talking on phones in between sets:  See above. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Grunting or screaming: This is also against the rules of the Greenwich Y but guys do it anyways. haha. I love lifting heavy weights too but I try not to grunt or scream. It’s dumb and it’s annoying.
  • Equipment Hogging: This continues to be a problem. Guys hogging up gym equipment when I need to use something. They take a long time on one equipment doing different workouts. Hey guys, this is a public gym. They’re not a place for you to make yourself at home. Get over yourselves and share. It should only take several minutes to do a couple of sets.
  • The Unwanted Advice Giver: Happens to me all the fucking time and to be honest, I hate it. I’m doing a workout whether on dumbbells or machines then he or she comes along and gives me advice that I’m doing something wrong. Hey, I know I’m doing it right and it’s just YOUR opinion that you think I’m doing it wrong. Just leave me the fuck alone and let me do it MY WAY! Instead, I just politely say, “Thank You” ’cause you don’t want to be rude, ya know?
  • People wandering the gym in between sets: Another huge problem at the gym and another thing that people do that I hate. People doing work outs whether free weights or machines, after they get done with a set… they just wander off like get a drink of water, talk to someone or go to the bathroom. It makes someone else thinks they’re done and then this guy comes back, does another set… wanders off again. Happens all the fucking time at my gym. When I do my workouts, I don’t wander off like a lot of guys do. I just stay there.
  • Guys never cleaning up after themselves: A lot of times guys would bring water bottles or even protein drinks at the gyms. When they finish drinking that stuff, they just leave that stuff there. Not having any care to put them in a recycling bin when there’s a fucking recycling bin at the Y. I see guys leave water bottles, water cartons and bottles for protein drinks there all the time. By the way, aren’t guys drinking protein drinks at a gym is pretty lame? They can’t wait to do that at home?

There’s my gym rant. Enjoy.


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