There are so many liberals nowadays ’cause they haven’t discovered “conservatism” yet… many don’t even know what “conservatism” is sadly…

At the start of the Obama presidency, I was trying to figure out what side I wanted to be on. Whether or not I wanted to be liberal or conservative. During the Obama presidency, I did pretty hard research on both sides. Really I did. After a lot of reading on both sides of the spectrum, I’ve decided that I liked “conservatism” more. Yeah, that’s when I decided to become a full-time conservative. I decided to become “conservative” after the way Obama made the liberal party. What Obama did to the liberal party over the 8 years of his presidency was “awful” and I just couldn’t see myself being on that side at all. Anyone who is on that side — “the liberal” — then I feel sorry for you.

There are still many liberals today under the Trump presidency and I’m starting to figure out why that is. It’s simply because many liberals don’t even know what “conservatism” is. They’re uneducated about it. They don’t do their research on “conservatism”. Doing research and getting yourself educated on conservatism isn’t hard. Researching is just a google away. Even better you can go to your local library… get yourself a library card. Go to the bookstore and buy yourself books about conservatism ’cause there are plenty out there.

Many liberals know “conservatism” exists but they think “conservatism” is horrible for America ’cause they get that info from the Fake News MSM. The mainstream media likes to make conservatism look bad. That’s all they do. Make liberalism look good but make conservatism look bad. When liberals discover that you have conservative views, they look at you like you’re a horrible person. I know ’cause that’s how they treated me over the years. Treated me horribly simply because of my views. Liberals get intimidated when they find out some of their close friends and family members have conservative views. Heated feuds happen because of it. To me, I can never understand why liberals get so upset just because someone is a conservative. Is it Fake News MSM to blame for that and make them feel that way?

Liberals really need to do their research outside the media. It can be possible. If you do your research, get educated then maybe you wouldn’t find “conservatism” all that bad? People are always slamming me for my conservative views — all the time — but I don’t care. I’m proud of who I am. I’m very proud to be a conservative and I won’t change for anyone at all.

Liberals don’t understand “conservatism” ’cause the media is intentionally trying to make them not understand it. They don’t want liberals taking the red pill and switching over to the right. That’s why the Fake News MSM is always protective of liberalism. You see “conservatism” isn’t actually bad for the country. It’s actually liberalism that is bad. Liberalism is the enemy of America.

It’s possible that a die-hard liberal can get red pilled and switch to the right ’cause I’ve seen it happen under the Trump presidency. To you liberals reading my blog still, you can do it too. The MSM is the last place where you want to get your political info from. It’s very sad to me that a lot of liberals & independent voters still believe that the MSM are credible source. They’re not. Today’s journalism losing credibility every day and they’re getting worse.

A lot of liberals really are uneducated about “conservatism”. They really do think we’re hateful racists, bigots, homophobes, misogynists and whatever names liberals are calling us nowadays. I got news for you, we’re none of those things at all. When you call us those things, we’ll call you out and defend ourselves. They don’t know anything about “conservatism” at all. The media thinks they know everything about “conservatism” and liberals are actually believing them. Sad. Media wants to destroy “conservatism” but it isn’t gonna work so keep trying. The “conservative” movement has gotten bigger and more powerful under Trump. It’s incredible.

I’m noticing that liberals are never happy and I don’t want to be that. Being a “conservative” is a lot of fun. I’m very happy to be one. I believe in Freedom, small gov., the second amendment, I’m pro-life, a traditional marriage believer and all that stuff. I try my best to educate people on “conservatism” and it’s a good thing to do. People think my politics are negative and a bit extreme but I don’t think so. I just think of America in a positive way and that’s what I do.

It’s funny when liberals try to get us to wake up about Donald Trump. Well, you have no right to give us advice on what to wake us up about when you libtards refused to wake up about Barack Obama and Hillary. Why should we listen to you when you refuse to listen to us? That’s why you lost the election.

With all this being said, you should get yourself educated on “conservatism” and once you do… maybe you’ll realize you just made a mistake by calling yourself a “liberal” and get red pilled. All I want to do is wake people up and that’s all I try to do. I’m not here to go after people.  Just trying to get liberals to wake up is all I’m trying to do. It’s hard to red pill a liberal but it can be done. You just gotta educate them the best you can. That’s why I do what I do through FB, my blog and twitter. Educating people about politics. That’s what we all try to do and it’s why we all supported Trump to begin with.




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