Don Jr. showed more transparency and cooperation than any politician in history, take note Obama & Hillary…

This was a good interview. Don Trump Jr. on Sean Hannity discussing the meeting with that Russian lawyer. I don’t want to get into a discussion of this Don Jr. incident ’cause I’m so tired of this Trump/Russian collusion bullshit already. So tired of it like everyone else!

I would like to say that I’m very impressed with Don Jr. in this interview. I don’t know why Don Jr. got bullied by the media like this ’cause he didn’t deserve it at all. To me, he seems like a very cool and down to Earth dude. While Don Jr. does bash the media and bashes people who attacks his father… at least Don Jr. is less aggressive.

I’m impressed with Don Jr.’s transparency… releasing the e-mails on twitter which is something that Democrat politicians wouldn’t do. Democrats in Congress, there’s a lot of stonewalling. You don’t see stonewalling with Don Jr., he’s willing to cooperate 100% as you can see here in this interview. You don’t see Don Jr. lying or refusing to answer questions like what most Democrats do. Hillary destroyed e-mails, Don Jr. releases his. Obama seals his records and secretive about everything in his life. That’s not Don Jr. You want to talk about “Transparency”, look at Don Jr. Most importantly of all Don Jr. is not a politician and liberals are after him anyways. Haha….

Better be careful, though liberals ’cause all you’re doing is that you’re pushing the possibility that he could run for president in 2024 after Don Sr. is done. Don Jr. for 2024? I’m all for that!

Keep up the good work, Don Jr.! Don’t let the media bother you ’cause Russia is all the media’s got. Russia, Russia, Russia, etc. All the time. *yawn*


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