Release date set for “Bond 25″… we won’t see another Bond movie until Nov. of 2019…

Contrary to reports that claimed Daniel Craig is returning to Bond 25, it is not yet clear on whether or not he will return… if he was confirmed to come back then the studios would have announced it themselves. A release date set for Bond 25 will be Nov. 8th in 2019. A couple of writers has been confirmed and producer has been confirmed as well.

No director has been named yet so that basically means that Sam Mendes is definitely out; he won’t be directing the third one. This also means that a new director will have to be signed for the director’s chair for the next installment.

Will Daniel Craig return? Don’t know… he hasn’t said anything yet but I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon. I hope Daniel returns for one more ’cause I really like him as Bond. Daniel is more exciting to watch than Pierce Brosnan. The only Pierce 007 movie I liked was “GoldenEye”; that film was actually a very good one!

Anyhow, no cast has been confirmed yet for Bond 25 but I’m positive Ralph Fiennes will return as M and I’m sure Naomi Harris will return as Moneypenny.

I do hope the writers will bring Christoph Waltz back as Blofeld ’cause that was a phenomenal performance. I think Bond 25 should be a continuation of Spectre and think it would be an interesting concept. The movie “Spectre” was a new introduction of Blofeld, giving you a hint that the character will appear in more films.


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