What has Jim Gillette of Metal Method’s “Vocal Power” been up to? Well, he just reformed his band Nitro…

I’ve been working with Metal Method’s, Vocal Power, instructional DVD for a long while now. The instructional DVD has been pretty famous for a long time now. The DVD was originally released on VHS and it was originally released in the year 1991. The Vocal Power instructional DVD was hosted by singer, Jim Gillette, who is most famous as the lead singer of the 80’s metal band, Nitro.

People wondered where Jim Gillette have disappeared to after all these years well, apparently he’s back. In the 90’s, Jim was this skinny long haired dude covered in tattoos and what does he look like now? Well, watch the video above where they plug in their fundraising project for their new album. Jim is like unrecognizable now. As you can see, the dude has gotten big, he’s bald headed and he looks like somebody that would sing in a death-metal band. That is really him ’cause his tattoos are still the same.

Jim can still sing after all these years, and he still got it. His Vocal Power instructional DVD, I still work with it now. Because of Jim, he helped me become a better singer ’cause it was Vocal Power that helped improved my singing greatly.

I’ve been wondering what Jim has been up to over the years. He’s been doing other things other than music. Jim’s an inspiration; he’s the one who made me want to sing ’cause of Vocal Power. I’m looking forward to the new Nitro album ’cause I liked their new song above. Cool stuff.


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