Hillary just won’t quit crying about why she lost… just shut up already!!! Nobody cares!!!

Just like most people, I’m annoyed by this too. Hillary going on and on and on about why she lost. Jesus-fucking-christ, get the hell over it already ’cause nobody cares! Hillary had a string of interviews on TV all week and all interviews sounded pretty boring. Hillary giving the same monotonous interviews and can’t come up with anything new to talk about. We’re all getting fed up of Hillary, and we all want her to go away forever. There are even some democrats asking her to step out of the spotlight ’cause they merely don’t like her blaming her own party.

There’s no doubt that this woman has a huge ego problem and she’s a bit of a narcissist for sure. She doesn’t want people to know that she is hated by everyone, and that’s why she pays the media loads of money so they can make her look good all the time.

She lost ’cause she is one diabolical woman who only cares about herself and not the American people. Respect is earned and not begged for, Hillary; therefor, you didn’t earn that respect. We all look up to Donald Trump ’cause he earned our respect — that’s how it goes. Hillary lost ’cause she’s corrupt to the core, her attitude is horrible, she says negative things about American voters which is a turn off, and the big reason why she lost is that she watched 4 Americans get killed by terrorists in Benghazi.

Nobody cares about why Hillary lost. Why should we? She belongs in prison is where she needs to be. She’s not the Queen of England or anything, and she obviously thinks she is. We’re all tired of her shit. If you’re a Hillary voter, and if you still like her then you have problems too.


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