Remember to always be yourself even if it bothers people…


For many years, people always had mixed feelings toward me as a person. I’m one of those who you either love or hate, but I’m completely fine with that. There are some out there who are intimidated by the way I am on the internet. Some see me as very “outspoken” and “controversial”. I’ve dealt with that shit for many years online. It’s like, “Oh no, The Brock  is such a trouble maker!”… I’m sure many still feel that way about me but you know what? I don’t care! It’s actually pretty flattering that some think of me this way, though.

No matter what people think of me, good or bad, life is good.

Admittedly, I can be a bit of a loudmouth and “outspoken” person, but I’ve always been like that. I’m a realist. I’m just a guy who tells the truth no matter the consequences, ya know? I never cared if the truth bothered people. I prefer to a be a real person instead of being fake.

A lot people have also criticized me of the hobbies that I have and the things that I like. Yes, I listen to a lot of metal music. I may not look like a metalhead but I am. People would think of me as a fan of country music or pop but I’m not at all. Usually people look at me with astonishment once they find that I like metal and hard rock music.

People criticize me that I like to watch professional wrestling on TV but I don’t care. I like wrestling…. is that such a crime?  I still like to play video games at 40 years old, and a lot of people think it’s childish for a full-grown adult to play video games. Not really. I’ve never grown out of video games and still LOVE them. I also still like to wear rock band t-shirts, and I like to wear shirts with wrestlers on them too. I don’t feel guilty of that. I wear what I want at 40 years old.

As far as my political views go, people criticized me for that too, of course.  Yes, I’m a proud die-hard conservative and a proud die-hard Trump supporter. I don’t feel ashamed for it either, and I don’t feel ashamed for loving my country so much!

This post ins’t just about me. It’s also about you too. I’m just telling you my experiences that you don’t have to change yourself to appease people at all. The thing is, be who you wanna be. I never told people how they should and shouldn’t be at all, but it’s interesting how people think it’s okay for them to do that to me.

Being yourself is the best attitude to have. People may not like you for it but that’s okay, just let them think what they want about you and keep  being you. Some people may not like you, but that’s not the end of the world.

There will be those that will like you for being yourself and respect you for ignoring everyone’s shit. If you’re being criticized by someone all the time then that’s actually a good thing. It means they’re jealous about you of something. You have something they will not have. Some people just want to bring you down to their level and that’s it. If you’re being criticized by someone and if you’re being called an “asshole”, well, you’re not the “asshole”… they are. Chances are, they aren’t happy in life. Those that are criticizing and want you to change are usually people who have lots of problems.

You just gotta stay above negativity and drama. Keep being you is all that matters. Be who you wanna be even if it pisses someone off. That’s the key to enjoying life and being happy. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. You can’t please every damn person on this planet.


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