Trump’s first UN speech as president, we finally have an American loving president who doesn’t take any shit from our enemies!!!

I’ve watched Trump’s first speech at the UN as president yesterday evening, and I was totally blown away. It was indeed, his best speech he ever had. His speeches get better and better each time I watch one. He makes you feel like a proud American, and I definitely feel like one each time I watch one. Libtards and other types of NeverTrumpers wanna keep denying his love for America, but after they watch this speech, I know they’ll have a tough time denying his love for America. So far, haven’t seen them admit Trump’s love for America. Trump really showed it. This is why we elected him as president ’cause we finally have an American loving president for once, and we haven’t had that in decades.

We also finally have a president who doesn’t take any shit from our enemies. Trump threatening Fat Boy Kim was the right thing to do. When Rocket Man Kim wants to do missile tests, that should be taken very seriously, ya know? When will libs and Trump haters understand that Kim Jong-Un is a very bad man? Assad of Syria is also a very bad man and I loved how Trump called  him out in this speech too. Liberals think there is nothing wrong with Fat Boy Kim and Assad but these are coming from the same people who support Iran. Remember now, Iran chants “Death to America”.

When Obama did UN speeches as president, he did nothing but kiss Islam’s ass most  of the time instead of siding with Americans. Obama did nothing but quote from the Quran most of the time during UN speeches. During one of his UN speeches, Obama blamed Benghazi on a video, I’ll never forget that.

It’s so refreshing to go from an Islam loving US president to an American loving president. That’s why we elected Trump to begin with. Trump also cares for other countries, and he showed that at the speech yesterday. Keep  in mind that America first doesn’t necessarily mean, “American alone”… the NeverTrump crowd and Fake Trumpers needs to realize that.

I don’t regret my Trump vote at all. I’m proud we finally have a great president for a change. I’ll proudly vote for him again in 2020.


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