Finally ordered “The Zen of Screaming” DVD singing instruction… always wanted that…

I’ve been interested in getting “The Zen of Screaming” DVD instruction for a long time so I just ordered a copy from amazon today. I want to sing like a hard rock & metal singer and this could help me.

I work with Metal Method’s “Vocal Power” by Jim Gillette, but I wanted something more. I want to learn how to growl and sing in grit… that kind of stuff. I want to learn how to sing higher too, and this could definitely help me get to those high notes that I want.

If I like “Zen of Screaming” more than “Vocal Power”, I’ll work with this instead.

I want to be a rock and metal singer. That’s my goal. I never liked the way I sung in the past, and I want to take my singing to the next level.

The “Zen of Screaming” DVD is mostly aimed at metal singers who sing hardcore, punk, death metal, black metal, etc. but this DVD teaches you how to sing regularly too.

I don’t ever want to be a death metal or black metal singer, but I do want to growl some without damaging my voice so I think this DVD will help. I should get this in the mail later this week hopefully.


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