Yep, WWE 2k18 is a pretty sick game! Freakin’ loved it! Definitely a keeper!

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Playing WWE 2k18 right now. Naomi "Feel The Glow".

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So yesterday I just started playing WWE 2k18 game for my PS4, and I already started loving the game as soon as I started it! Yep, it’s definitely the best wrestling game, and it’s definitely the best WWE game for sure.

Above is the pic of me playing the game… in the pic above is a female superstar by the name of Naomi. Ya know, Naomi the black girl who has a glow in the dark gimmick. I didn’t play as her, though, I was playing as Asuka. I started playing the women’s matches on the game so I can learn how to play it.

Yeah, I suck at the game for now. I’m not very good ’cause I don’t play wrestling games that much. The more I play it, the more I’ll get good. I’ll probably play some more of it this evening.

The game is a blast, though. I’m glad I got it. Of course, Asuka was the first wrestler I played on the game ’cause I love her. That’s pretty much what I got the game for, lol. Anyhow, I didn’t just get it for her, I got it to play other superstars that I like that are on there too. The roster is pretty huge on this game. I want to play as Elias ’cause he’s my favorite as well but he’s a DLC so I’ll have to buy him from the PSN sometime.

WWE 2k18 is surprisingly a pretty sweet game. It’s also surprisingly hard. Most wrestling games over the years were pretty easy, but this one is kind of challenging.

For now, I’m just playing regular “singles” matches so I can get the hang of the game and learn it. Once I get the hang of it, then I’ll start playing other kind of matches like ladder matches, cage matches, Hell in a Cell, Iron Man Matches, etc. They’re all on there too. Crazy.

A lot of wrestling fans like to knock the new era of WWE.. ya know, the WWE that currently has nothing but new and young stars… I would have to say that I actually dig the new era. It’s growing on me. A lot of cool wrestlers and gimmicks these days so I thought it would be cool to play some of them in this game.

If you’re a WWE fan, this game is a must buy for sure!


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