How to spot evil and toxic people… interesting article worth reading for those who are tired of drama in your life…

I see people every day complaining about evil and toxic people in their lives. You see people in facebook complaining about how they don’t like getting drama and negativity in their lives. Well, I hear you all ’cause I’m pretty much in the same boat. I too have dealt with evil and toxic people who always seems to be in a desperate attempt to ruin my life.

This article came up in my FB newsfeed earlier today and it’s interesting. Yep, when dealing with toxic people this article explains the 12 signs on how to spot them.

Yes, there are people who refuses to accept the truth. Ya know, people who are always denying reality. I know the feeling ’cause I’ve dealt with people like that too. You try your best to tell the truth and people just can’t accept it. Then they start arguing all of a sudden.

Yes, there are plenty of pathological liars out there and I’ve dealt with plenty of those too. People will do anything to make themselves look good even if it means lying.

There are also plenty of those who shows no remorse after they have treated you badly. You get no “apology” from them and they don’t make amends with you, no nothing. Crazy, I know! After people treat you horribly, they just go about their lives enjoying themselves acting like their feud with you never happened.

I also like No. 11 on that list “living double lives” ’cause there are many out there that do that. There are so many fake people out there, it’s crazy. Some people pretend they have good things going on in their lives when in reality, they don’t have fuckin’ shit.

It also seems that the only reason you get a lot of haters and drama queens in your life is when you have good things going on. I also agree with that article that they seem to back off on ya when things aren’t going good for ya.

It’s really nuts how people out there wants to see you fail at life instead of being proud of you being happy and doing what you want to do in life to become successful. Instead, they act all jealous and bitter. What’s going on with people and society nowadays? So much drama and negativity!

Ya know… when you want to live a successful lifestyle expect a lot of haters. You want to have a good job/career, a good family and all that stuff… you’ll get a lot of jealous haters and control freaks coming after you.

I agree with what the article said at the end of it… you gotta learn to be aware of who you surround yourself with. Don’t be afraid to get toxic people out of your life ’cause I’ve been doing just that lately and it feels real good, trust me. Like the article said, you gotta learn to love yourself in order to get away from evil/toxic people. You can enjoy life much easier when you eliminate evil/toxic people. Yeah, a lot of people out there suck and people are getting wacked nowadays. Just be yourself and fuck the rest.



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