How I’m doing in yoga so far…

Yeah, I’m still pretty committed to yoga. Been at yoga nonstop every week for several months now. Each time I do yoga, I feel a little more flexibility each time I do it. I’ve also improved a lot on the balancing. When I first started yoga and just a newbie, I was shit at it but I’m getting a lot better. Yoga is like everything else when you practice you improve.

I’ve just started learning arm balancing which is a pose called the Crow pose. I’ve struggled at the Crow pose at first but seem to be getting a little better at that. Ya know, arm balancing, just using your arms to balance on the floor and not using your legs at all. It’s hard to do but I’m getting better at that ’cause I practice a lot of these poses at home.

I’m so glad that I got into yoga finally ’cause I’ve been interested in it for a while. Yoga really does make you feel good and makes you feel like a whole new person. It’s amazing. Now I figured out why yoga is getting popular.

I not only got into yoga to get more flexibility and strength, I got into it ’cause it’s a good stress reliever. That’s what yoga is here for pretty much. Yoga is mainly meditation is what it is. I’ve also been wanting to get into meditation.

Meditation is really good ’cause it helps get your mind off of everything. Yoga and meditation makes you feel better, happier and more confident. Helps you become more upbeat and positive.

Once I feel I’m getting real good at yoga, I’ll video tape myself doing some poses for you all. I love yoga. It’s a new passion of mine that I just discovered.


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