How to find the right musicians to support you…

When you want to be a part of the musicians community online and in your local music scene, please keep in mind you’re not gonna get everybody to like you. It can’t happen. Like the old saying, “You can’t please everyone”. Like always you’re gonna get some drama in the musicians community. Yes, you will meet some pompous assholes in the music community. You will have musicians as your haters. You will also deal with some fake people who once supported you but stabbed you in the back ’cause I’ve dealt with that a lot throughout the years. You will indeed go through some drama and negative stuff for sure.

Getting actual support from musicians is a great thing, though. When you’re networking through the music community and trying to find musicians to support you, my advice would be don’t go looking for musicians to support you. Let musicians come find you on their own. When they find you interesting, they’ll gladly support you on their own free will. There will be musicians who are willing to support you and stay loyal to you 100%, you just gotta find ’em. Just weed out the bad musicians and keep the good ones in your life. There will be some good ones who will like you for who you are and they will respect you musically too. Believe me I’ve had some wonderful support from musicians who actually like me which is a nice feeling. If you’re looking for musicians to play music with, those are the ones who you want to find. The ones who truly support you.

You’ll find who your true supporters are once you see musicians who have nothing but positive things to say about you and they won’t trash talk you at all. These are the ones who will always have your back and stay loyal to you no matter what happens. They are the ones who won’t pretend to support you and then stab you in the back later.

I try my best to support other musicians and bands over the years, but I’ve also had many that didn’t care to show support in return. When you see stuff like that, it’s time to stop supporting them. It’s interesting that supporting musicians seems to be a one-way street nowadays. You try your best to show love and support to other musicians and you get nothing but negativity by them in return, that’s when you gotta let them go. I’ve learned that you only support the musicians who truly likes you back. When you try your best to show love and support to other musicians, but you get nothing but pure disrespect back from them then chances are they are pompous dickheads to begin with. Those are the ones you gotta ignore.

You can have a very positive music life. Just ignore all the negativity and haters in the scene. Just focus on your own music and then all the supporters will come out for you. That’s how it goes. Letting the music speak on its own. If some musicians don’t like you, who fuckin’ cares, right? It isn’t the end of the world. It’s your music that you should be most worried about.

All musicians are different. There are gonna be some nice ones and some assholes out there. That’s all there is to it.



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