Black Sabbath’s “The End” live 2 disc album was really good… listened to it earlier today…

Last night, I went to the mall and picked up myself a few music albums and Black Sabbath “The End” live 2 disc album was one of them. I listened to the whole album today from start to finish and it really was a phenomenal album. While the band played a really good show that night, I was most impressed with the album’s sound quality. The sound is really big on this album and it’ll sound good on your home stereo system. I’m sure the vinyl version of this album will sound even more amazing, though.

As far as the album itself goes, it was a really good final concert for Black Sabbath although, there are still some important Sabbath songs that they should have thrown into the set… they left out songs like “Electric Funeral”, “Changes”, “Planet Caravan”, “Sweet Leaf” and especially “The Wizard”.

Of course “Planet Caravan” was a song that was never played by Black Sabbath at a concert and never understood why? It’s a great song and one of their best tunes, in my opinion.

This album is recommended listening if you’re a Sabbath fan like myself.

I’m also impressed with Tony’s guitar tone on the album as you know, Tony is an expert on guitar sound so it’s no surprise that his guitar would sound great on it.

It is kind of sad that Sabbath wants to call it quits this soon. It’s understandable, though since Tony is still battling cancer and Ozzy is getting older so it’s a good time for them to hang it up, I guess.


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