Making a pedal board for my electric guitar…

So I’ve just started collecting guitar pedals. The reason is that I want to get all the right sounds that would be good enough for me to play heavy rock music on electric guitar. In the past, I always used to be against sounds effects and never were for those pedals at all but now I’m all over them. I’m realizing that pedals can be useful for guitar sounds. I want to get pedals that would be right for both my rhythm playing and lead guitar playing ’cause I do both. I’ve been playing lead guitar a lot more than rhythm, though ’cause I’ve been trying to improve my lead guitar playing and take it to the next level.

When playing lead guitar, you don’t want to play lead guitar with a clean tone all the time. You need effects to give it some additional color like you’ll need wah, chorus, flanger, delay, etc. Effects will make your guitar solos sound interesting. I do have aspirations to be a lead guitarist and I’m working my way there. I love playing guitar solos so if I ever made my first heavy rock album, there’ll absolutely be a lot of solos on it.

So far the pedals that I currently own myawld are a wah pedal, a few distortions, an overdrive pedal, a delay and now a chorus. I still need a few more pedals, though. My goal is to get a fuzz pedal next and I’m probably gonna go for the legendary fuzz face which I always wanted. I’ll save up for it in 2018. Fuzz pedals are important ’cause they create a cool sound with your rhythm and lead. I also want to get a Flanger, tremolo, echo and maybe an EQ pedal too.

I’m not gonna go too crazy with guitar pedals, just get all the simple and basic ones. Try to get the right sound for badass heavy rock. I also plan on buying a pedalboard soon so I can hook all the pedals together and create my own pedal setup which is the goal.

I’ve been focusing on electric guitar more than acoustic now which feels real good. I spent most of my life playing acoustic and want to branch out; do something different.


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