Back to using free edition of Spotify again… screw Apple Music…

So today I’ve just gotten back into using the free edition of Spotify on my new PC. Using the Spotify app on Windows 10. I know I’ve been switching back and forth from Spotify to Apple Music, but I think I’m gonna stick with Spotify from now on. I’ve used Apple Music streaming for a long while but decided that I didn’t like it anymore. Spotify is easier to use. I plan on subscribing to Spotify full time sometime in the future whenever I can afford it.

This morning on Spotify, I listened to Gregg Allman’s final solo album “Southern Blood” on it which was beautiful stuff. I also listened to the Greta Van Fleet album “From the Fires” which was also an amazing album. Now I’m listening to Myrkur’s newest album, “Mareridt” which is a Danish black metal band with Amalie Bruun as lead singer, half way through that album and it’s amazing stuff.

I’m gonna use Spotify as a way if I want to hear an album if I like it enough, I’ll buy my own copy. Plus to listen to albums I’ve always wanted to hear that I never got to yet. Just listen to music on it like always.

I love listening to music. Supporting other bands and artists is good for ya. I like to listen to tunes while I’m browsing the internet. As always, I’m a full album kind of guy. I listen to albums all the way through. I never listen to selected songs like a lot of people do nowadays.


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