Is it possible to learn how to play drums even if you don’t own a real drum set? With today’s technology, it seems you can these days…

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the drums and I still can. I’ve been learning how to play the drums for the past year or so. Learning time and rhythm, you’re learning how to play drums. Some people think it’s impossible to learn drums without a drum set but absolutely you can.

With today’s technology, there are all kinds of drum machines out there and there’s also virtual drum sets on DAW software nowadays. There’s also drum software for the PC you can buy like Superior Drummer for example and also EZ Drummer which both are pretty popular. You can find any kind of software on the PC that has a virtual drum set where you can actually play on. Just get one of those and buy a Drummer instructional book and you’re good to go. That’s how I’ve been learning how to play the drums myself.

I really need to learn this stuff ’cause I want to be able to program my own drum tracks when I start recording rock songs on the electric guitar.

It does feel really good learning timing and rhythm in music ’cause timing is everything in music. In the past, I didn’t know anything about rhythm and the metronome. I used to record without a metronome or a click track but now I’m all over it. I’ve definitely improved greatly when it comes to rhythm and the metronome ’cause I used to be shit at it admittedly.

Someday down the road, I will buy myself EZ Drummer software. The program costs like $150 or more but I’m sure it’s worth it. Maybe I’ll buy that software this year. I want to make full band rock songs and doing all I can to get to that goal.

For bass guitar tracks, how would I go about doing that? Well I’ll probably do that with MIDI on Mixcraft 8. I even thought about buying myself a real bass guitar and add bass tracks myself. Either that or I could find another bass player that I can collaborate who is willing to work with me. I’ll figure something out.

Making full band rock songs is something I’ve always wanted to happen and it will. Just trying to get all the right gear, software and all that stuff. It takes time and money but I’m working on it.


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