RIP David Bowie who passed away two years ago today…

I got to thinking about David Bowie a lot this week ’cause this week was his birthday and anniversary death. David Bowie passed two years ago today.

I’m a longtime Bowie fan. I’ve been a fan of his long before he passed. I’ve been listening to his music for many years. In fact, Bowie was one of the musicians who helped made me want to sing myself. When I first started playing guitar, I initially didn’t want to be a singer and just be a guitar player. The singing came later in the years. Bowie was one of those that made me want to pick up a microphone.

A lot of people mostly know Bowie as a singer but his guitar playing wasn’t known that much and yes, he played a lot of guitar over the years. That’s how he wrote many of his famous songs.

I have a lot of Bowie albums in my music collection and trying to collect his entire discography. Yeah, I’m a die-hard Bowie fan. I love singing and Bowie’s definitely an inspiration.

He was more than just a musician, he was also a visual artist, a fashion genius and he was a great thinker too. He was an interesting guy for sure. There was something mysterious about this guy which was what I admired about him. He was never afraid to make music how he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go different directions. He maybe gone but his music lives on.


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