Looks like ReverbNation and Soundcloud both allows you to create albums now which is cool really…

I used to use ReverbNation and Soundcloud to upload my songs for all to hear, but those websites only allowed you to upload songs individually. At first, they didn’t allow you to upload albums and release them. Now both ReverbNation and Soundcloud do allow you to release your albums on there which is cool.

If I ever did an internet only album, I was gonna use Bandcamp to upload it there but now I don’t have to since ReverbNation and Soundcloud both allows musicians to create albums now.

It’s so freakin’ cool, though! I’m gonna start making my own albums and release them all on the internet for free. I don’t need money for them ’cause I don’t do music for money. I won’t make people pay for my songs just to get people to listen to them.

If I ever made my first internet album with title and cover and all, I’ll probably use Soundcloud to release it exclusively. I’ve always wanted to do my own album. In the past, it used to be very hard for musicians to upload albums for the internet but now it’s much easier everywhere.

I still got my old songs on both ReverbNation and Soundcloud so I’m gonna have to start doing some changes on both sites.

I really want to make my first album and it’ll probably be homemade. I got good enough sounding home studio gear so I’m really good to go. I’m glad those music sites improved and that way I can start using them again. I do want to get back into songwriting and I will.

When I start recording again, I’m gonna try to make them sound as best as possible. I’m not the best at producing but I’ve been reading and researching about that stuff. I’m gonna teach myself mixing and mastering and all that stuff. I want to produce it all myself.

What songs would I write about? Whatever I can come up with really: fictional stories, horror songs, political messages, poetic songs, etc. Just whatever comes to mind. If I want to write political messages, I probably will. Just write whatever the hell I want to!

After I make my first album, I’ll come up with a title, come up with a cover, get it copyrighted and then release it. I do want my next batch of material to be more melodic. Music that can be listenable and enjoyable. Songwriting is fun and I want to get back into it.



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