Liberals are definitely brainwashed by social media & the MSM… here’s how…

You want to know why liberals are so scared to death of conservatives and why they hate them so much? Want to know why liberals don’t know much about conservatism and why they are confused? It’s simply ’cause they’re brainwashed by social media and the MSM.

Perfect example of this is that I haven’t seen one liberal talk about the youtube shooting. Usually when a shooting happens in America you see liberals giving their thoughts and prayers on all of them. All of them except for this one ’cause why? The shooter who shot up youtube headquarters in California was identified as a young Iranian Muslim woman named, Nasim Aghdam.

I haven’t seen one liberal talk about this publicly. NOT fucking one. Why? Probably because a Muslim was suspected in the shooting this time and it didn’t fit their narrative. We’ve been trying to tell people that Muslims are violent for decades and they spent decades not believing us. Do they believe us now? I believe so. Maybe that’s why they’re silent ’cause they feel dumbfounded about Islam being peaceful and they don’t want to admit it publicly that it’s not peaceful.

I’m sure liberals knew a Muslim was involved in this shooting and they don’t dare say it ’cause it would make liberals look bad. They are careful not to destroy their party and the mainstream media will bury this story quick enough. Watch for it.

Liberals scream gun control when children are the victims, but they don’t scream gun control when an illegal alien shoots someone with a gun (like the Kate Steinle story for example) and they don’t scream gun control when a Muslim is suspected in a shooting.

Why is this you may ask? It’s because social media and MSM are controlling liberals. They are brainwashing them how to think and how to speak. That’s why you see trending topics in social media being mostly “liberal” headlines. It’s why social media like FB and twitter are trying to fight alternative news sites by calling them “fake news”. Ya know, sites like FOX News, Breitbart, the Drudge Report, etc. It is why FB and twitter are trying their best to censor conservatives.

Why do you think liberals have a tough time trying to understand how corrupt Barack Obama and the Democrat party are? When you try to tell them that, they laugh at you and ignore you. Instead they call Trump and Republicans corrupt. Why? It’s because they’re being controlled and brainwashed by social media and the MSM. They are telling them how to think. This is why liberals have one-sided opinions most of the time. Brainwashed by social media and the MSM.

Liberals get most of their info ’cause they see the liberal trending topics. They also join liberal FB groups like Being Liberal, Occupy Democrats, The Other 98% and crap like that. I see liberals in FB everyday re-sharing bullshit memes from those groups I listed. Liberals actually believe those things and it’s just pathetic, ya know? They actually thought Trump was gonna lose the election ’cause those groups told them so. That’s how gullible and naive they are. They actually believe most of the crap that’s put out there in the news… ya know… fake garbage like “Trump not delivering promises”, “Trump sleeping with women”, “Trump going on vacations”, “Trump going golfing”, “Trump colluding with Russia”, “Trump disrespecting McCain” and blah blah blah. You get the deal. It’s fucking crazy.

Social media and the Fake News MSM are not gonna give up the brainwashing. It’s gonna get much worse ’cause of the midterms. Trust me on that. It’s real sad. I’ve always believed that this “Right vs. Left” thing is pretty bad but it’s gotten much worse now. Liberals hate us much worse than ever before.

I despise social media and the MSM so much. It would be nice if we could unite somehow and someday. Unite and start loving each other again ’cause back and forth hate is doing us no good.



One thought on “Liberals are definitely brainwashed by social media & the MSM… here’s how…”

  1. I know its an old post but its accurate as hell. You ever notice most liberal responses to everything is 90%-95% of a liberal leaning news article cover like CNN/VOX etc. These people get so involved in the narrative being peddled, they are not capable of independent thought. trust the science, until science doesn’t side with them. Libs always, if you notice, try to behave and act altruistic. Like some Marvel Super Hero film, they probably see themselves as the ‘good’ guys fighting evil. lol.

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