Trying to find which workouts is best for you…

So I’ve been going to the gym 4 days a week now. I used to go 3 days a week but now I’m switching it up for 4. This way I can have arm day, chest day, back day and legs day. That’s how you want to do it. Workout body parts separately.

Like always, I’m always trying to learn new workouts and I have learned so much by going to the Battenkill YMCA which I like to call it the Battenkill Y which is a gym I go to in my hometown.

For chest day, I’ve tried to get back into benching a little bit but I still can’t seem to get into it. Ya know, barbell chest press on a flat bench which is the most popular workout in history. I know benching is a popular workout but I don’t like it. I try to do benching once in a blue moon, I just don’t like it for some reason. I find dumbbell chest press more fun. Why is dumbbell press for chest better? Simply because dumbbell works the chest much harder than the barbell. Seriously, this info is out there if you do the research. Plus, the dumbbell press is much safer than barbell. I try to do the dumbbell chest press on a bench, but I prefer to do it on the floor. Dumbbell chest press on a floor helps works it much harder and it’s much safer that way too. So I’ll probably do dumbbell chest presses on the floor from now on.

As for other workouts for chest, I’ve gotten into doing cable crossovers which really helps. Incline presses for dumbbells is what I’m gonna start doing a lot and I’m gonna start doing dumbbell flies for chest too.

I’m very happy with what I have with my body… I feel I’m in good enough shape but I’m not afraid to say that the chest still needs some more work. I think the problem is that I haven’t been working hard enough on the chest admittedly and I’m going to from this point on. Lift heavier weights is what I’m going to do. Lift heavier weights where the last few reps would be to failure is how you want to do it.

For back day, I’m gonna do dead lifting on barbell, though ’cause I really love the dead lift. Barbell dead lift is fucking awesome and I’m gonna do that every week. For now, I’m not a super heavy dead lifter but I hope to be someday. For now I can do like 80 – 90 lbs. I experimented with dead lifting in the past a long time ago, I’m just getting back into it and loving it. For middle back, I do cable rows and for lats I do lat pull downs and pull ups.

For legs, I’m gonna do barbell squats ’cause I love that too. Again, I’m not a super heavy lifter yet. I can only squat 80 lbs but hope to lift heavier someday. I can, however, lift 200 lbs. on a leg press, though. For hamstrings, I do seated leg curls but I don’t really need to do hamstring workouts much anymore since I’m gonna do a lot of dead lifting ’cause dead lifting is a hamstring workout. For calves, I do standing calves and seated calves.

For arms, I do the basic dumbbell curl. Dumbbell shoulder presses and tricep extensions.

For abs, I don’t do abs workout much ’cause I’m already doing plenty of ab workout through yoga and doing a lot of planks.

For cardio, I punch the heavy bag for a little and run on the treadmill for a couple of times a week.

Yep, I’m still trying to become the best shape of my life and still taking it seriously. Gonna take eating clean more seriously too. I want to have muscular body and get big. Not afraid to say it. Just taking my time and being patience about it. I love working out. It’s my second passion behind music.

Everybody has a no. 1 hobby and a no. 2 hobby. Music and fitness is what they are. Lets see if I can stick with fitness throughout the year without much breaks and I’m planning on it. I know it may sound arrogant a little bit but I want to have a great body and already do, just need some improvements here and there. People are still giving me nice compliments of what I’m doing in fitness which feels awesome. When you get a lot of compliments about your body, it means you’re going somewhere. Not bad for someone who is in my 40’s and have scoliosis. Many don’t want to admit that what I do is courageous and inspiring but that’s okay. I just do what I do. Just trying to workout and want to be healthy is all.


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