When you’re a musician getting a lot of bad publicity like me, here’s how to handle it…

Are you a musician who gets a lot of bad publicity? Ya know, the type of musician when you’re getting a lot of negative feedback of your songs or even full studio albums. You get a lot of negative comments from anonymous trolls in youtube, blogs and message boards… things like that. Even worse, you’re not very well respected in the music community and you’re one of the most hated musicians out there. The pros and more established musicians always looking down upon you and not giving you the respect that you deserve.

Well, I have been through all that over the years of my life and still do get negative publicity. I used to be upset at getting bad publicity but over the years, I’ve learned to get used to it. You just got to be able to learn to accept that not everyone is gonna like you that’s all. You can’t make everyone happy and you can’t please everyone. The trick to dealing with bad publicity is that you just be flattered by it all ’cause after all, bad publicity is not a bad thing. It’s actually good promotion for your music… the haters, trolls and critics promotes your music when they aren’t even realizing it. It’s so true if you think about it.

Another trick on dealing with bad publicity is just keep playing the music and ignore it all. A lot of musicians have a problem at responding to negative things aimed at them which is a bad idea really and it’s an unprofessional thing to do is to be confrontational at the haters.

I went through a lot of negative crap over the years of my life, sure. All one would have to do is google my name and you’ll see it all. People bashing me publicly. All it did was helped make me an even stronger person.

I’ve had too many local music websites over the years not being very accepting of my music… basically ’cause of the cliquey scene we have. They thought my music wasn’t professional enough and I didn’t get too many article write ups, didn’t get much radio airplay locally and didn’t get many shoutouts on local music blogs.

When you get all this, you have to ignore it all completely and just keep playing ’cause there will be many out there who’ll think you’re nothing musically. I’ve learned that I should just keep playing music for myself and that’s the attitude you should have. Just keep playing and do your thing. Writing the songs, releasing them and let people hate.

Who knows, maybe one day people will come around and realize that you are talented then the haters will get turned into fans. It can happen. You just gotta keep playing and enjoy yourself no matter what anyone says. No matter how negative people get around you, just gotta keep playing the music. I’ve had this attitude a lot lately and it does make life easier.

It is interesting though how the local music scene claims to support all local music and yet they look down at certain musicians. Think about it, right. You already are going somewhere with your music if you’re getting so much bad publicity. There’s a saying out there that says, “Your haters are the biggest fans” which is true if you think about it. Take your haters and critics as your motivators. Honestly, they inspire me to keep going in my music and I have much more music coming up ahead. I have seen so many other musicians get destroyed by bad publicity and many gave up because of it. I won’t give up what I do and you shouldn’t either.


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