Programming my own drum tracks when recording my own music…

One thing I’m trying to teach myself when recording on DAW is programming my own drum tracks. I want to be able to program my own drum tracks and I’m gonna figure out a way to do that in Mixcraft. In Mixcraft, you can program your own drums. Sometime down the road, I’m still planning to buy “EZ Drummer” software by ToonTrack ’cause I heard that’s really good software, but for now I’ll use what I have in Mixcraft.

This is why I’m doing my best studying rhythm and timing. Ya know, get good real good with the metronome and learn to play in the pocket which I have improved a lot on. I used to hate playing along with the metronome but now I love it and take the metronome very seriously now.

I want to program my own drums for my songs ’cause I don’t have a drummer and I don’t have a real drum set of my own. I am trying to study drum lessons even if I don’t have a drum set ’cause I feel I need to learn this stuff if I’m going to program my own drums.

Learning to program drums shouldn’t be that hard at all. As long as you understand timing and rhythm, should be a piece of cake for you.

I’m studying this stuff by myself ’cause someday I want to be a one-man band when making an album. I want to make a full band rock album all on my own. For bass lines, I think I’m gonna buy myself a real bass guitar pretty soon.

My full band rock songs will probably be pretty simplistic anyways. I’m not gonna be playing technical virtuoso stuff like Dream Theater or Yngwie Malmsteen or anything like that. I just want to write bad ass rock n’ roll songs with big riffs, guitar solos and vocals and all that stuff.

I think I’m capable enough of making good full band rock music. People don’t think I can but watch me.

I don’t know, maybe I should collaborate with a real drummer. I’m actually thinking about that too. Finding a good drummer are hard to find, though. I’ll want to find a talented drummer who can stay in the pocket and rock tight. For now I’ll just use drum programming through software and things like that.

Studying timing and rhythm in music is everything. It may seem intimidating and annoying which is why it’s overlooked by a lot of musicians but it’s crucial to learn. Studying timing is not that hard as you think. Someday, I’ll want to jam with a real drummer just to see how I do.


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