I’m thinking about a live home acoustic show for the internet of me doing cover songs only… sounds like a good idea!!!

I’m thinking this summer probably that I might plan on doing a live acoustic home performance for the internet. Stream myself performing live on facebook for a few hours of me performing cover songs. I’m gonna get a bunch of cover songs together in a repertoire and play as much as I can. Yeah, I’ll try to play as many cover songs as I possibly can. Play a lot of songs that people know well and have heard so many times. You’ll hear me perform cover songs from the 50’s all the way to today’s music. I think it’ll be fun.

I just want to try out this live internet streaming thing for live home acoustic performances ’cause I’m noticing a lot of solo acoustic musicians have been doing this nowadays since “live streaming” is a thing for everybody now.

I want to do a live home internet performance for original music too but I don’t have new originals yet. I want to make sure I get new originals written first and then I’ll think about doing that, but since I don’t have new originals yet… I’ll just start it off with a cover performance.

I just want to see how many will be interested in this thing. I’ve been learning a lot of cover songs lately.  Trying to memorize guitar parts and lyrics by heart. I’ve always thought memorizing lyrics by heart was important ’cause I think live performers reading lyrics while performing is cheating and I’ll have another post on that soon which is a good idea.

When will I do the live performance of me doing cover songs at home? I’ll plan a date for it and it probably won’t be until the end of the summer maybe. I’ll think of something but I really want to do this ’cause it’ll be fun. Stay tuned.


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