Too many guys in my local gym waste so much time doing so many different chest workouts when they don’t need to…

Ya know, it’s funny. Each time I go to the gym each week, I see so many guys in the gym wasting so much time doing so many different chest workouts. They do regular benching, decline benching, incline benching and all that stuff. The thing is, I think they’re living under the delusion that you must hit each certain area of the chest. I don’t know where they get that shit from… probably from the bodybuilding books and magazines that they read. They believe that you must target the upper chest, middle chest and lower chest which to me is a bunch of bull. To me hitting every part of the chest is just a stupid myth that the bodybuilding industry has been trying to push out so they can try to sell more magazines and online subscriptions. Sad that they actually believe this stuff.

From what I’m experiencing, you don’t need to do so many chest workouts that hit every part of the chest. The reality is no matter what chest workout you do, you’re working your entire chest overall. It doesn’t matter if you do flat bench, incline bench or decline bench… either by dumbbell or barbell, you’re still working your entire chest overall. I see guys in the gym going from one workout to another when they don’t need to.

When I do chest day, all I do is go in there and do a few things. I just do the dumbbell chest press on the floor, incline press and dumbbell fly on the floor. That’s about all I need. Just doing so many different workouts is just over training, in my opinion.

When I go in the gym for each body part, I only do like 3 or 4 workouts for each body part day. That’s all I pretty much need really. I try not to spend a couple of hours in the weight room like a lot of guys do. All I need is about an hour or less.

After I do my weight workouts in the gym, next thing I do is stretching in the stretching area or 20 minutes of cardio which ever I’m in the mood for. Then I’ll be done after that.

I don’t spend a lot of time in the gym ’cause you don’t need to. Just an hour or so is good enough.


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