When you get into fitness and bodybuilding, gotta watch out for the know-it-alls ’cause they’ll be coming after ya even if you know what you’re doing…

It’s funny. When you first get into bodybuilding and fitness, one thing you gotta watch out for are the know-it-alls out there. Yeah, like the title of the topic says they’ll be coming after ya even if you know what you’re doing. You can read all about fitness all you want to, you can watch videos on youtube and learn everything from bodybuilding.com or whatever and try to accumulate all kinds of info as much as you want… you will always get the critics and doubters. I’m just saying all this from experience.

I’ve been doing bodybuilding for 10 years or a little over. Can’t exactly remember what year I started but it has been a long while already. Throughout those years, I’ve always had know-it-alls come after me. Telling me that I’m doing bad forms in workouts, telling me that I’m doing nutrition wrong and telling me to watch where I get my info from. Blah blah blah, you get the deal. We all go through it. Even the most experienced bodybuilders get know-it-alls coming after them too. It’s crazy.

Usually the know-it-alls would start coming after you the more ripped and jacked you are. That’s when you start getting the critics, doubters and know-it-alls. When you get that stuff it probably means you’re successful at getting the body of your dreams. Why do the know-it-alls start coming after you once you know that you have a ripped and muscular body? Is it out of jealousy and ego? That’s probably a huge part of it, no doubt. You got a successful and ripped body and those haters & doubters just want to see you fail at something. That’s what I think it is, ya know?

All those experienced and more advanced bodybuilders you see in youtube… those fitness gurus… they get know it alls getting all over them all the time. Once you get a ripped and muscular body that you wanted, people will start doubting you as well. They’ll accuse you of cheating and taking steroids and all that garbage. I’ve gotten ripped pretty quickly and even I’ve been accused of taking steroids which I never did. I don’t do drugs of any kind. I got ripped pretty quickly due to lifting heavy and lifting with intensity. Yeah, I got all kinds of know-it-alls coming after me. What’s even more funny is that all those people who think they’re so smart at bodybuilding don’t even work out at all… they still give you unwanted advice anyways.

I understand that people are trying to be nice and be helpful and all but a lot of fitness people out there have huge egos, it’s crazy. One thing for sure, you gotta watch out who you take advice from.

There are gonna be people in the gym who will come around and say, “You’re doing that workout wrong, you do it this way”. Well the thing I’m noticing that everybody has their own way of doing things “right”. Doing things “right” in their own eyes. Everybody has their own style of workouts and they all do things differently. Some are gonna act like you don’t know what you’re doing when you do know what you’re doing. You just gotta listen to your body and do what’s right for you.

When you get all kinds of people talking about ya good and bad, that’s when you know you’re going somewhere in fitness. It probably means you have a great body and it’s driving people crazy. A lot of people struggle to get the look you have and that’s why I think the know-it-alls get to  you.

The question is who is the best person to take fitness advice from? I would say the best people to take advice from are people who are already in great shape. If they have a great body then they probably do know what they’re doing. If they’re not in great shape, that’s when you want to ignore them. It’s funny to me when people who are fat and flabby go around telling people they’re doing something wrong.

The fitness world is crazy as fuck for sure. Yeah, people are going to be nutty and misinformed about it. Just gotta ignore them and do your thing. There are going to be opinionated people, so don’t listen to them and stick to your guns.

I love working out. I love it more than ever now and my 4 day a week routine has been going great this summer. I’m going to keep at it too. Admittedly I do want to be ripped and have a huge body. Trying all I can to get there but gotta be patient about it. I’ll never give this up no matter what people say. Bodybuilding is in my blood. My second passion behind music.



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