I’m really feeling chest results each week I go to the gym to do chest day… feels amazing really…

Well, I guess doing chest with dumbbells mostly is the most effective way to do chest. That’s what I’m finding really. I’ve been doing this for chest for a pretty long while now. Lifting weights for chest mostly instead of push-ups. I’m really feeling it and feeling good. I’ve been lifting heavier for chest. Lifting heavy on everything: dumbbell chest presses on the floor, dumbbell incline press on bench, dumbbell flies on floor and cable crossovers. Those are the chest workouts that I do mostly.

Sometimes I try to do barbell benching on a flat bench which they call the king of workouts but I don’t do regular benching much. I prefer doing stuff with dumbbells more. I’m not worried about how heavy I could bench and find out my personal record. I don’t care about that shit really. Leave that for Olympic lifting ’cause that’s not me. My goal is to become the best shape of my life

Each time I look in the mirror every week with my shirt off, I am noticing my pecs are starting to finally shape up. I am feeling them getting bigger and bigger; they get slightly bigger each week. Each time I do chest, I start to feel sore in my chest the next few days which is good. You want to feel sore ’cause if you’re not feeling sore, you’re doing it wrong. Yep, I pretty much go by the “No pain, no gain” rule. You want to feel sore ’cause that’s how you get those “gains”.

I’m noticing I’m looking better and better and I’m planning to post progress pics pretty soon. I’ll probably wait ’til the end of the summer to do all that. I’m probably gonna end up doing that when I go on vacation to Cape Cod at the end of July. I’ll take shirtless pics of myself when I’m out at the beach which would be cool.

I’m doing all I can to get bigger chest pecs and I found something that’s working. Just gotta lift heavier and work out with intensity is all.


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