What are the best fitness channels in youtube? Here are my choices…

Yeah, fitness and bodybuilding is pretty mainstream and there’s an abundance of popular fitness channels in youtube. I know those of you who are into bodybuilding & fitness like myself want to learn new workouts and teach yourself — I’m not afraid to admit that I learn a lot of my workouts from viewing certain youtube fitness channels.

Most bodybuilding channels in youtube are a complete joke (including Scooby, I still don’t like that dude) but the best fitness/bodybuilding channels that I’ve seen are these… I’ll name a top 5 in no particular order:

The Physique of Greatness hosted by Chris Jones:

This guy is probably my favorite. I’ve been watching him for a long while. I think he’s the best at teaching correct form and all that. He goes into detail of what people do wrong. He’s also honest and humble. He seems like a good dude too. He also keeps his teachings humorous too as he is a funny guy. His videos are enjoyable.


Scott Herman

I’ve been a subscriber of this dude for a long time and he gives great insight when it comes to bodybuilding. He’s also the best in teaching you workouts and I’m not afraid to say I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. I’ve learned new workouts ’cause of him really.


Buff Dudes

I’ve recently discovered these dudes and I can’t stop watching their channel. Good stuff. These guys know their shit. Well spoken dudes and they also keep their videos humorous and funny!


The Hodgetwins – Twin Muscle Channel

I’ve been a long time subscriber of the Hodgetwins. Lately they’ve been staying away from bodybuilding and fitness videos but I don’t know why. If you go through their older videos, you’ll see they have good stuff.



I’ve just discovered this guy recently and he’s very good. Very insightful and detailed. This guy really gets into the science of bodybuilding than everybody I’ve seen. I’ve only watched several of his videos but gonna plan on watching a lot more.


There you have it. Enjoy!



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