This video explains nicely why dumbbells for chest is better than barbells for chest…

Doing regular bench presses isn’t for everybody in the gym. Everybody is different. I’m  probably one of the very few who don’t even like bench pressing on a flat bench at all. Maybe I just think benching is just uncomfortable for me, ya know?

I prefer doing mostly dumbbell work on most of my workouts, though. I love dumbbells. Even Chris Jones here says you should do the squeezing and pushing when it comes to dumbbells. I’ve been doing both with dumbbells for a long while now — it is effective. Bench press doesn’t give as much muscle contraction, dumbbell presses and dumbbell flyes do. I’ve been doing dumbbells for chest every week now and it feels good. I’ve been getting results and feeling it. I also do cable crossovers sometimes and that’s a good workout too.

Yeah, doing both the squeezing and pushing movement for the chest is imperative if you want to get more definition.

If other people want to do regular bench pressing, that’s fine by me… it’s just not for me. Like I said, I like dumbbells more. Dumbbells are more powerful and more effective. I’m doing all I can to develop bigger pecs; it’s just gonna take some time. Who knows, maybe I already have decent pecs already. I just gotta post new progress pics and I will soon toward the end of the summer.

I’m going to do chest day at the gym tomorrow and I will do dumbbell presses, flyes and cable crossovers like usual. I’ve been lifting kind of heavy on everything too.


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