How to not get injured in the gym…

I’ve been bodybuilding for a little over 10 years now, pretty much. I haven’t gotten that much injuries. Once a long time ago, I went to the doctor ’cause I had a really bad strain and it took me out of weightlifting for several weeks. I’ll never forget that. After that, I learned that lesson and tried not to get injured again. Admittedly, I’ve had a few more minor injuries like on one of my shoulders and a few other parts but they healed pretty quickly.

There is a way to never get injured in the gym again. How? Well…

#1) Workout in good form, always – yep, this is the big one. Very important if you don’t want to get injured. One way of injury prevention is being able to workout in perfect form on every rep. If you’re lifting reps in sloppy form then you’re probably lifting too heavy and need to lower the weight some. Lift weights that you can handle. I’ve been lifting kind of heavy but at the same time, I lift weights that I can handle and can do fine without hurting myself.

#2) Always perform each rep in full range motion – No half repping. Meaning performing the rep half-way and not doing it fully. I see people in my local gym doing half repping all the time. It’s crazy. That’s just inviting for injury.

#3) Full concentration – When you’re lifting you gotta keep your full concentration in at all times. Like watching what you’re doing only and focus. Don’t pay attention to what other people are doing in the gym and don’t talk to people during your sets. In my local gym, I see people chatting with each other during their workouts all the time and that’s real bad. Amazing how a lot of people don’t pay attention, I see it all the time.

#4) Lifting way too heavy (aka lifting weights you can’t handle) – I understand that people need to lift heavy to build those gains and get more mass and all that stuff but sometimes you need to leave your ego at the door, ya know? A lot of guys in your local gyms always feel the need to lift super heavy when they don’t need to. I do lift heavy but not that heavy. I still lift weights that I can handle and lift ’til failure on the last rep. To me bodybuilding is not really about seeing how heavy you can lift. I’m not too worried about that really. I’m more worried about getting more gains and becoming the best shape of my life. If you really feel the need to lift super heavy then get a good spotter. Amazing how many guys out there lifting super heavy and they don’t use spotters at all. I see it all the time in my local gyms. Guys egos in the gyms are so huge that they don’t think accidents will happen. Crazy.

That’s about all I can think of but there are plenty of bodybuilding articles and videos about injury prevention on the internet so you can look those up.

When I go to the gym, I do lift kind of heavy but I haven’t been injuring myself at all lately which feels good. I’m not injured at all even if I been lifting heavy all summer. That’s because I always keep my focus on and workout in perfectly good form. I take every aspect of bodybuilding very seriously now even the smallest things.

My 4 day a week routine is still going good. I’ll be doing leg day tomorrow which will be my third day this week. My goal is to get bigger and there’s a saying out there that goes, “If you want to get big, you eat big” which is true. I’m going to do more research on calorie intake and all that stuff. I’ll have another blog post on this soon.

Back to injury prevention, it is pretty crucial and it’s amazing how many people in gyms don’t care. A lot of people in gyms get injured and most of them will never admit that. A serious injury can take you out of bodybuilding for a month or longer. You got to lift responsibly and take it seriously always ’cause too many people don’t.



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