Isn’t it crazy how society treats bodybuilders? It’s not good…

I was just doing a little researching on this. On how society treats bodybuilding and like the title says, it isn’t good. It is strange how people treats bodybuilders as if they are conceited. Ya know, people treat bodybuilders like they are a bunch of egomaniacs and arrogant meatheads who only love themselves and their bodies.

Here’s an interesting article that talks about this:

Ya know something, society really does treat bodybuilding in such a negative direction. I don’t know why. People really do like to put down bodybuilders in a negative way… especially the more successful bodybuilders and the ones with the great physiques. I’m sure they go through so much negative crap from people all the time.

I remember when I first started putting up my shirtless progress pics, right away people started criticizing. I’ve gotten things like, “put a shirt on” and had a bunch of nasty trolls pick on my physique. I’ve gotten mostly positive feedback on my bodybuilding physique over the years and I continue to get positive feedback.

Some may find it weird that bodybuilders and gym rats post shirtless pics online and women post half naked photos of themselves to show off their progress but do we do this stuff for ego like they say? No. We post half naked progress pics of ourselves just so we can show off what we work so hard for. That’s what bodybuilding is for, you see.

There’s a misconception going around where people think we love our bodies so much that we gotta show the whole world and they think we’re full of ourselves. That is not why we all show off. We show off simply because we can’t tell how our bodies look so we post progress pics as a way to get feedback whether good or bad. We want people to do the judging for us. Ya know, I can’t tell how my body looks at all and when people say, “You look good”, that’s when I know I’m going somewhere in bodybuilding. You know you’re going somewhere in bodybuilding when people give you kind compliments. We do it ’cause like I said we want to show people our hard work and dedication. This should be something as being positive but for some reason society doesn’t treat this positively. Everybody wants to give us negative shit instead.

When bodybuilders have a successful physique like a ripped and buffed body, chances are they are going to get accused of using steroids. All bodybuilders pretty much get accused of that from what I’ve seen. If you go to any Fitness guru channel in youtube, you’ll see someone telling that fitness youtuber that they’re a juicehead. It’s insane, ya know? I can’t stand it. I’ve always believed that you can get a big and muscular body naturally.

Another thing I want to get off my chest is that when people want to look muscular, people mistakenly believe that we just want to look and act like tough guys. My thoughts? Hell to the freakin’ NO! A lot of bodybuilders aren’t violent people at all and they don’t act tough at all either. Many bodybuilders can be some of the nicest and down to earth people you’ll ever meet.

Some may also say that you shouldn’t call yourself a bodybuilder unless you’re in competition. That’s another big LOL for me. I call myself a bodybuilder and I am one. As long as you’re lifting weights and building muscle, you’re a bodybuilder no matter what. Doesn’t matter what level you’re at, you’re still a bodybuilder.

It’s nuts. When I first started bodybuilding and when I first started telling people around me that I was gonna get into it — right away people started criticizing, doubting me and blah blah blah… you get the deal. I’ve had people telling me in the beginning that I will never get ripped, well look at me now. Here I am… ripped and buffed and feeling really excellent! I’m loving it! People should be proud of bodybuilders and should be treating them positively. I still get critics and doubters even to this day. People want to criticize the way my physique looks, even if I eat healthy people want to criticize that too and people want to criticize the way I workout even if I know what I’m doing.

The trick is you don’t want to listen to negativity. Just continue to do your thing. Do things your way and your way only no matter what anyone says. Don’t listen to the doubters ’cause they’re just jealous, in my opinion. You are going to get jealous people after you for sure.

We bodybuilders are trying to do something positive with our lives. We want to live healthy lifestyles and that’s not an ego thing at all. Yeah we do love our bodies, no doubt but we try our best to be humble about it. I can’t tell how I look at all and if people say that I look great, that’s fine. If they say that I look horrible then that’s fine too. I’m doing this to be healthy and to please myself. I do want people to like my body, but I’m gonna let other people do the judging.

We’re not a bunch of arrogant, douchey egomaniacs and meatheads like people say. We’re just regular people trying to improve our lives positively and that’s what it’s all about. We want to inspire ourselves and hopefully inspire other people as well.



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