Do I have a bodybuilder physique finally? I would say so!!!

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Getting done with a good leg workout at the Battenkill Y.

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This pic was taken yesterday morning. I would say that I’m starting to look like a bodybuilder finally. I wasn’t lying when I say that my chest is finally getting some development and I would say that’s a bodybuilder chest for sure. I’ve got a good six pack going, my arms are pretty big and here I am trying to show my quad work after a good leg workout.

I’m feeling ripped a lot lately so I had to take this pic to show off my progress. I know it might sound a little egocentric but I really like what I see in the pic. You see, when you want to get a good chest development, you gotta do the pushing and squeezing movement both and I see it’s working. Lifting heavy and training with intensity will get you good development.

I’ll post more progress pics sometime soon but next time I’ll show full body progress pics by taken pics of myself wearing nothing but boxers.

My 4 day a week routine is going great and I vow to stick with it even through the Fall & Winter. Have a ripped body all year-round.


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