Happy 72nd Birthday Sylvester Stallone!!!

Action movie star and boxing icon Sylvester Stallone celebrates his 72nd birthday today. I’ve idolized Stallone for many years ever since I was a child and still am loyal to this man even to this day.

I’ve tried to watch every film Sly did over the years even all the bad films he did. I don’t even think the bad films weren’t that bad, I even liked the bad ones if that makes sense. Yes, I did like “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot”, “Rhinestone”, “Judge Dredd”, “Oscar”, “Rocky V” and even “Daylight”. Those were films that got mostly negative reviews.

Other than that, I’m a huge fan of Sly mostly ’cause of Rocky and Rambo, of course. It was the first Rocky film that did it to me, that film will always be a classic. Sly did many other great movies other than Rocky and Rambo films like “Cliffhanger”, “Cobra”, “Tango and Cash”, “Demolition Man” and “Assassins”.

Sly also inspired me to get interested in bodybuilding and fitness so I thank him for that also. Without him, I wouldn’t be going to the gym right now.

Happy birthday, Sly. I can’t wait for “Creed II”, “Expendables 4” and “Rambo 5” and yes, all three of those movies are coming. Sly is doing all three.

The man is an inspiration to my life and continues to be. If only one day I could meet him in person ’cause that would be amazing.



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