Thoughts on teen getting MAGA hat stolen and getting assaulted by a libtard at a Whataburger fast food restaurant…

What would you do if you’re sitting in a restaurant, enjoying yourselves for a nice meal and then some dude comes in to harass you and assault you. That’s exactly what just happened here. Two young kids just sitting there enjoying themselves for a late night snack and some asshole just comes in steals this kids MAGA hat, throws a drink in his face and walks away.

Ya know, I wear pro Trump gear in public all the time. I wear pro-Trump t-shirts and I do wear a MAGA hat in public sometimes and I’m starting to wear that more. So far, I haven’t had any libtards react to me in a violent way. Most of the responses I got for wearing MAGA gear were nothing but positive. I haven’t gotten any violent reactions from libtards yet. If it did happen to me, I wouldn’t be able to take it that well. I won’t just sit there and do nothing. I would probably stand up for myself and yes there would probably be a fight if that was me, lmao. I would have no problem knocking that punk out. I’m not a violent person at all but for self defense, I could be.

We’re in a dangerous time. It is not safe to be a Trump supporter or even a conservative which is sad and shouldn’t be like this at all. That’s what the media wants, though. They are deliberately trying to make Trump supporters and conservatives feel less safe. If that’s how the left is trying to win elections then that’s not cool.

The left is getting more unhinged and more violent and hateful toward the right which isn’t cool. The left is doing a great job trying to normalize left-wing hatred toward the right. This is not good for America. This is not how this country is supposed to be. We’re supposed to be civil with each other regardless of differences of political views. It really does seem like we’re in a new civil war here. We shouldn’t hate each other over political differences at all and it’s gotta stop. This is all on the media and Democrat politicians. Wake up, y’all.


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