To get big in bodybuilding should I experiment with the “bulking” and “cutting” method??? No, I probably won’t…

To get big in size, I read a lot about “bulking” and “cutting” which is a popular method in bodybuilding but will I experiment with that? You know what “bulking” and “cutting” is. “Bulking” is when bodybuilders deliberately eat a lot of calories and fat and stuff to get big. They kind of get fat on purpose for a while and then they cut down all the fat which is “cutting”. I’ve read about this and I don’t think I’ll do it this way.

I’m just going to keep doing what I do. Eat a lot of protein foods, healthy carbs and healthy fats. Keep avoiding sugars, bad fats and avoiding processed foods like the plague which I have been doing.

For my nutrition, I do eat mostly clean… I don’t eliminate all bad food completely. Once in a while I like to drink a Gatorade, a soda like a root beer or ginger ale and I’ll have ice cream once in a blue moon. I’ll also eat out once in a blue moon too like have pizza or Chinese or something. While doing bodybuilding and fitness, it’s still okay to eat junk food sometimes, just in moderation, ya know? Just don’t overdo it. I also like to eat Cliff Bars on the weekends so I can keep having the protein.

As far as protein powders  and supplements go, I don’t touch any of that stuff anymore. I used to drink protein powders but it was getting too expensive to buy that stuff all the time and plus I can’t drink that stuff for my own reasons. I just get protein from real foods like fish, steak, chicken breast, tuna and sandwich meat like smoke turkey breasts or roast beef would be the best for bodybuilders. For dairy products, I’m trying to avoid as much as possible except the only dairy products I’ll touch are cottage cheese and Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt which are perfect for bodybuilders. Yeah, I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruit too which is important. For breakfast, it’s either egg whites, healthy oatmeal and sometimes I like to eat healthy cereal like Shredded Wheat and I’m starting to try out Kashi Go-Lean which is pretty good. Kashi Go Lean is pretty popular in bodybuilding industry so I’m starting to try that out for myself which I only have on the weekends sometimes.

Yeah, I eat mostly clean which I feel good doing and feel proud. If you want to know why I have low body fat and visible abs this is probably why. Like they all say, “Abs are made in the kitchen” which is true. You can do all these ab crunches all you want to which would help a bit but eating clean is key to getting lower body fat. I’m just going to keep eating like this all year round. I won’t do “bulking” and “cutting” ’cause I think it’s lame and doesn’t sound too safe to me.

To get big in size, all you have to do is workout in extreme intensity and eat healthy most of the time, you’ll get ripped in a short time. Trust me.

The popular fitness guru, Scooby wants you to believe that muscle building is a slow process which is actually true but to a certain extent. That is just according to him… that’s how he sees it. Everybody is different. Sometimes bodybuilding is fast for some people and sometimes it’s slow for some. It all depends on the person’s genetics. Scooby wants you to believe it’s a slow process for everybody. That’s why you shouldn’t trust his advice. Bodybuilding can be quick for some even without steroid use. It is possible you can build big muscle in a short time.

I’ll just continue to eat a clean nutrition all year round and continue to do what I do. Lifting hard and working hard. I’m doing real good so far and proud of myself.


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