Are we all guilty of ego-lifting and working out in bad form? Yes, we all are… many just won’t admit it publicly…

One of the things that annoys me in the gym is people coming up to me giving unsolicited advice like telling me if I’m doing certain workouts wrong. I get that once in a blue moon. People telling me I’m doing something wrong when I know I’m doing something right. One thing for you to keep in mind, though that when somebody in the gym comes up to you and says, “You’re doing this workout wrong, you do it this way”… well… chances are that person probably works out in bad form too. Usually when someone accuses you of something, they usually have done the same thing at some point or another. So don’t worry about it when someone comes up to you and say, “Hey buddy, you’re doing it wrong”. Just ignore them and just keep doing things your way, that’s what I do.

Yeah, I remember writing a post about “not” everybody in the gym are egomaniacs and conceited but some people are gonna be. There will be some meatheads in the gym who will think they’re way better than you especially personal trainers, they’re the worst. There will be huge egos in the gym, no doubt.

I’ve seen a lot of ego-lifters in my gym lately. You know what “ego-lifting” is? It’s a thing where bodybuilders try to impress other people in the gym by lifting heavy weights they can’t do. Their ego is so big and they want to look tough that they want to lift heavy weights and they lift in awful form every rep. When you’re lifting in awful form in every rep that means you’re lifting too heavy. Like swinging your body and arms to lift the weight up, doing half repping and all that shit. I’ve seen it all. So once again, when someone accuses you of working out in bad form then chances are they have pretty much done the same thing.

Everybody is guilty of “ego-lifting” — even me. I’ve done it before but no more. No more lifting weights that I can’t handle. I’m not saying that you can’t lift heavy. If you can lift a heavy weight and do it in perfect form, that’s not ego-lifting so as long as you can do it in good form go ahead and lift heavy. I lift heavy in good form in most workouts I do lately so I’m good.

It really is one of my pet peeves of getting unsolicited advice in the gym. Getting advice when you didn’t ask for it.Ya know, in my mind I want to say, “Hey buddy, why don’t you let me decide if I’m doing things wrong or not. It’s not for you to decide”. I wanted to say that out loud but I don’t. Usually when I workout, I usually notice if I’m doing something wrong on my own. I do workouts wrong on some stuff but I immediately corrected them by looking up stuff on the internet. I still need to correct my form in calf raises which I have gotten better at and will get even better at calf raises next week when I do leg day.

I watch other guys in the gym do horrible form all the time but I don’t say anything ’cause I just mind my my own business and just do my thing. That’s what the gym is about. Worrying about what you’re doing and not worry about what others are doing.

I will accept advice in the gym if I ask for it or if I have a workout partner or if someone that works at the gym is teaching me something. I will also accept advice from those who are in damn good shape ’cause like I said in a post before, if someone is in good shape they probably know their stuff and know what they’re talking about.

The gym is a pretty crazy place for sure… people are crazy as fuck in those things. That’s why you gotta go in there and only worry about you. Gym etiquette is just about dead which is sad.

I’ll know when I’m working in good form or not. I don’t really need people telling me. Everybody is guilty of doing workouts in horrible form even the more experience bodybuilders and personal trainers are guilty of it too. If they say they do all their workouts in good form all the time then they’re lying.

I’m not trying to act like I’m better than others ’cause I still do my best to correct my form in all my workouts.

To those of you reading my blog who go to the gym on a regular basis, go to any gym and watch other people workout… chances are you’ll see pretty much a lot of people doing stuff in bad form. We all do it. If you plan on trying to get them to admit that, good luck with that.


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