Getting very close to getting “six pack abs”, just gotta make my nutrition a lot more strict and I’ll get there…

I am noticing that I’m getting very close to getting six pack abs. I’m just about there and I’ve noticed my bodyfat has gotten a little lower. Why? Probably ’cause of all the yoga, cardio and weight training that I’ve been doing a lot lately. All that will help burn fat, yes but the key to burning fat and getting shredded is good nutrition. Eating right will get you a six pack.

How can you tell when you’ve got visible abs? Well when you look in the mirror, your body fat is low and when you can flex your abs that’s when you know you have them. When you’re a fat and obese person, that would take forever to lower body fat percentage but I could probably lower it even more with even better nutrition.

I have gotten even more strict on my meals lately which feels good. Eating more veggies, fruits, high protein meats like fish and chicken breast, dairy products like Lowfat cottage cheese and plain non-fat greek yogurt, etc. I can go on. You also need your healthy carbs which comes from fruits and vegetables. You also need healthy fats like avocado and nuts (preferably, almonds is the best choice for bodybuilders). I’ve also added Natural Peanut Butter to my nutrition ’cause that’s a great source of protein and healthy fats.

As far as ab exercises go like crunches and shit like that, I don’t obsess with ab exercises anymore ’cause I’m already doing plenty of ab exercises like with all the yoga that I do. I also do a lot of planks ’cause I think planks is way better than crunches.

I’m also trying to do a lot more cardio like jump roping, box jumping and running on the treadmill. Doing all sorts of HIIT training too. Yeah, I definitely plan on going for a run outside more and I plan on going for a run tomorrow. weather permitting anyways ’cause it’s supposed to rain, I believe. I also do a lot of biking outside.

How low is my bodyfat percentage now? I’m not sure yet. Haven’t measured it yet. I just gotta get this bodyfat caliper and then I’ll figure it out:

I’ll order one of those sometime soon.

So yeah, I believe I’m getting very close to getting a full six pack which I feel proud. A lot of men in the gym struggle to get that too and it ain’t that hard to get a six pack. I think the reason a lot of people struggle to get a six pack is that they are misinformed about getting one. They do so many crunches and lots of cardio but they still fail to get a six pack. Why? It’s because a lot of other men are still eating junk food and drinking a lot of alcohol. So many guys out there want to lose the pounds but they’ll never admit that they have a horrible nutrition and drinking alcohol is gonna keep them fat.

I used to drink alcohol myself but I had to stop completely when I got into fitness ’cause I know that’s not gonna help burn fat and get those muscle gains.






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