Why I stopped performing live shows… just lost interest in the Capital Region music scene is pretty much why…

Admittedly, I haven’t played live music shows in a long while and there’s a pretty good reason for that. I guess the only and simple reason is that I pretty much lost interest in the Capital Region music scene. In the past, between the years 2006 – 2010, I used to gig all over in the Capital Region. Play live acoustic shows all over the Region from Saratoga Springs to Troy to downtown Albany. I have played most of the well-known venues around the area in the past and opened for some other bands and shared shows with acoustic solo acts. Sometimes I’ll play gigs with just me being the only performer on the bill and I had a few gigs like that before.

So you may ask, why did I lose interest in Capital Region music scene? Well for a lot of reasons really. 1) It’s because there’s not much of a music scene to begin with, there’s nothing here. 2) There’s no sense of booking a show when you’re only going to play for a few people 3) I believe the Capital Region music scene is the most conceited music scene I’ve ever seen as I’ve been turned off by it of what I’ve seen over the years. Ya know, a lot of drama, a lot of bullshit and blah blah blah, you get the deal. This area has a lot of problems. I can go on all day about this. We have a pretty cliquey music scene it’s pretty crazy.

Honestly, I’m not so crazy about going out to play live gigs much anymore. There’s no sense of going out just to play to an empty venue which most of my past gigs were just that. I just wanted to go out and play and try to make a name for myself like everyone else.

As of this point, I’m just enjoying life… playing music still and just doing the things I want to do in life. My life is great right now. Yeah, I’m still playing guitar and making music. Learning new covers and I’m going to try to write new originals too. I’ll always make music but playing live at a venue? Screw it. A musician doesn’t have to play live if he/she doesn’t want to. Just make music and release it or just make music for yourself only, that’s all you need to do. Just enjoy. I don’t see myself as a rock star as that has never been my goal. There’s too many musicians in Albany living under the delusion thinking they’re rock stars.

I’ve been through a lot of crazy bullshit throughout the years of the Capital Region music scene. Ya know, a lot of haters and a lot of bad publicity and all that crap. I get all that when I started releasing my music publicly and playing out. When you want to get yourself in the music scene and interact with other musicians, keep in mind that not everyone is going to like you. You also can not trust everyone ’cause there will be a lot of backstabbing and drama going around. You know how you do your best when you try to support other musicians as best as possible and they wanna do nothing but hate you in return? I got that a lot throughout the years.

I was never afraid to say that this music scene here sucks so much that I lost interest and want nothing to do with local music pretty much. I stopped going to other band shows too ’cause I used to support other bands.

Yeah, playing music and doing something you love is tough and I know you have to do your best is to ignore all the bullshit. We have a pretty dead music scene anyways. There’s nothing here. Time to admit that truth.

Will I ever play live at a music venue again around here? I don’t know. Like I said, there’s nothing here. I try to follow the music scene as best as possible and there are pretty much no venues around.

I’m also not interested in playing a music scene when a music scene is very liberal with their politics. Most everyone is pretty liberal around here which includes most musicians and venues. That’s another reason why I lost interest. Bands and venues won’t stay out of politics and I’m so sick of it. So I figure, fuck it. Time to boycott.

While I have no interest in playing live again anytime soon, I still do plan on playing live on the internet ’cause I find that a lot more fun. I still do plan on doing a live home internet show. I just need to learn more covers and write more originals and I’m trying to do both.

I love music and it’s what I do so I’ll never give that up. Songwriting is in my blood and I want to write new songs again. I love making music for the internet and I prefer that way more.



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