Hulk Hogan celebrates his WWE Hall of Fame re-induction with fans in Clearwater, Florida… William Shatner should take note on how to treat fans in public…

Ya see, William Shatner should take note from Hulk Hogan on how to treat fans in public ’cause Hulk knows how to do it right! In this video, the Hulkster celebrates his re-induction into the WWE Hall of Fame with fans in Clearwater, Florida. The Hulkster stands out in the street taking selfies with fans of all types. Hulk takes the time to chat with every fan, smiling and being nice to them all.

Hulk Hogan seems like a very nice guy to me as you can see in the video. I don’t know what the haters are talking about. Hulk  is very good with his fans and always has been.

Despite all the bad publicity and hatred Hulk gets in his life, he’s still very popular as you can see.

I’m glad to see the Hulkster being very happy again ’cause he does look very happy in that video. Hulk had a difficult past several years so he deserves to be happy again. There are always people trying to destroy this man and here he is still standing strong.

Hulk is not a racist and this video should be good enough to prove that ’cause Hulk is seen here taking selfies with black people too and even talking to them.

I’m glad Hulk is back in the Hall of Fame. Now hopefully he’ll be back on RAW soon.


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