Why are local musicians so douchey? Are there any friendly and humble musicians left nowadays???

I’ve dealt with musicians for many years; pretty much over a decade. I’ve dealt with musicians online and at the gigs. Too many local musicians out there have really douchey attitudes. Many are full of themselves, ego-driven, self-absorbed, naive and delusional. Always pretending to be something that they’re not. It is hard to make friends with other musicians nowadays, ya know?

It seems to me nowadays that in order to win respect with another musician is that you got to kiss his or her’s ass most of the time. Meaning that you have to respect their talent and respect them as a person. If you give them any kind of criticism, disagreements and all that stuff be ready for all kinds of backstabbing, betrayals and all kinds of drama. Like I said before, all musicians are different… they all have different attitudes and different personalities. Some are gonna be really nice and some are gonna be arrogant jerks.

I learned over the years that you can’t trust anybody in the musicians community. There will also be many that will pretend to like you but deep down inside, they can’t stand you. Whenever I talk about musicians with douchey attitudes, most don’t believe me most of the time. Most would point the blame on me is why they all act this way. There’s a lot of musicians out there with negative attitudes. I can easily sit here and name a bunch of names all I want but I’m not going to do that and won’t name any names.

No doubt that musicians are really sensitive and dense people. They get upset and angry over stupid things. It seems to me though that musicians with douchey attitudes has become more accepted nowadays. If you don’t act like a rock star and act like a douchey person then you probably won’t be accepted in the music community. That’s how cliquey it’s become lately.

The thing is there are too many musicians out there that think they are talented and just ’cause they play in a band and had some successes, they want to feel more important than you. That’s why a lot of them feel more superior than you… they obsess with their own self-importance. No doubt there’s a lot of narcissists and primadonnas in the local music community for sure, again not naming names.

I’ve had many musicians over the years supported me in the beginning but stabbed me in the back later and then I never hear from them again. That’s just life and that’s how crazy the musicians community can be. The musicians community is not always fun, there’s always going to be ups and downs. Watch who you trust ’cause not everybody is your friend around here.

In the past, I used to network in the musicians community and used to like meeting them. I still do like to meet local musicians but I’m gonna watch who I trust this time and be more careful. I learned that you should only support the musicians who truly believe in you and yes, I still do have some wonderful musicians who still has my back to this day. I’ve had a lot of musicians come and go in my life, lol… it just happens.

Anyhow, I’ve had many musicians who claimed to be supportive of my music over the years and then they became backstabbers later on. If you’re a backstabber then they weren’t true supporters to begin with and I’m fine with that. A loyal supporter wouldn’t stab you in the back at all and would always support you no matter what.

The musicians community is crazy especially the Capital Region. Yeah, nobody believes me and thinks I’m full of shit most of the time but I just tell things like it is. Tell things as I see it. The problem is many musicians around here think they’re rock stars and that explains why a lot of them have a douchey attitude most of the time. Many just don’t know how to leave their ego at the door which to me is sad.

I learned that when you want to play music, play in a band or solo acoustic or whatever… you leave your ego at the door. Don’t act like you’re better than everybody else ’cause you’re a musician. Yeah, you maybe a talented person musically but that doesn’t mean you have to act like a big shot about it. To me, musicians with a rock star attitude is a turn off and those are the kind of musicians I want to stay away from.


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