Taking a week off of building all next week…

Starting tomorrow on Sunday and all the way to the next Sunday after that, I’m taking a whole week off of bodybuilding. Why? For a few reasons… 1) I’ll be out of town and going away for a little while. A fun little trip to do something for myself. 2) It’s good to take a week off of bodybuilding  once in a blue moon since you’ve been doing it most of the year.

I’ve been lifting weights in the gym non-stop all year-long with little breaks. In the past, I used to workout the 3 day a week routine but all Spring/Summer, I boosted it up to 4 days a week. I’ve worked out in the gym 4 days a week all Spring/Summer  non-stop. I deserve a little break and going to reward myself a little break since I did good this year. It’s good to take a week off of bodybuilding once in a blue moon.

A lot of people get tired of bodybuilding and lifting weights that they just give up for a while. Not me. Lifting weights is a lifestyle for me so I’ll never give it up. As goon as I get back from my week break vacation, I’ll be back at bodybuilding in the gym 4 days a week again.

This 4 days a week routine in the gym is going awesome for me and I vow to keep at it. I’m feeling ripped and feeling really good lately. Lifting a lot more heavier and feeling real definition all over the place. I’m getting results in the chest pecs finally ’cause I feel my chest getting bigger each week.

Time to take a little break from it all. Got to heal up the body and re-charge. I won’t lose muscle during that break so don’t worry. When you stop working out, muscles will start to atrophy in about a month or so. You won’t lose muscle in a week. Even though, I’ll be taking a week off of weightlifting, I’ll still do my cardio like go for a run or a brisk walk all week so I can keep my muscles.

I’ll probably not post on the blog at all during next week while I’m on my break but I’ll try to post more today.


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