Back from my Cape Cod vacation… back to reality…

Went to Cape Cod, Mass. for a week for a little vacation. Just to get away from everything and relax for a little while. Have some fun. Above are some pics of my vacation. Me enjoying the beach and me enjoying the Cape Cod rail trails on the bicycle.

It was a good time. Got to do a lot and got to see a lot. Yeah, I took a week off of lifting weights and bodybuilding over the week but I’m gonna go back to the gym tomorrow for arm day. Even though I took a week off of bodybuilding, I still tried my best to eat healthy most of the week and continued to eat a lot of protein. I also continued to do a lot of cardio throughout the week by going for a run on the bike trails, going for long bike rides on the rail trails and doing a lot of walking. I had to a lot of cardio while on vacation so I can keep fit and keep my muscular physique and not try to get fat. Of course, swimming in the ocean is considered cardio too, though.

What else did I do in Cape Cod? Well, ate a bunch of good food especially sea food, went to Heritage Park, went to Skull Island (which is a mini golf course, go carts and batting cages kind of park), went to Province Town (which I’m not a big fan of, btw) and I went to the Cape Cod Mall to do a little shopping for myself (picked up a few movies on BluRay and a few books).

If you want to see more of my Cape Cod adventure go to my Instagram ’cause I’ll be posting more this week:

Oh yeah and as you can see, I”m not afraid to go shirtless in front of everyone thanks to bodybuilding. I’m now being completely confident in being half naked in front of people and not afraid of it anymore like I used to be.

I also proudly wore my MAGA hat on my vacation. People don’t like it? No fucks given. Now that I’m back, I’m going to post more on the blog.


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