Did Sly just hint that “Rambo 5” is gonna be his next movie after “Creed II”??? Yes, it seems like it’s going to be his next one and he’s training hard for it…


Sylvester Stallone just posted a photo of him working out in the gym after getting back home from vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend. In the hashtag he put Rambo 5. Does that mean he is filming the movie pretty soon? Well reports say that Rambo 5 will begin filming in Sept. of this year ’cause the film is slated for a Fall of 2019 release date. So yeah, it definitely looks like Rambo 5 is gonna be his next movie after “Creed II”. When Sly begins work on the next Rambo film, he’ll be off in a plane filming the movie in other countries like London, Bulgaria and the Canary Islands.

Look at Sly here… he’s looking fucking jacked… holy shit! Not bad for a 72 year old man! I think he has what it takes to play Rambo one more time. Also notice that Sly is trying to let his hair grow out again. He usually lets his hair grow out when a new Rambo film happens ’cause I guess they like having Rambo have long hair. I’m sure his hair will be long enough by the time Rambo starts filming.

The next Rambo movie is gonna be about John Rambo on the search for a missing daughter. She won’t be Rambo’s missing daughter, she’ll be a friend’s missing daughter. The next movie will be about Rambo battling sex traffickers which the plot sounds interesting.

I predict the next Rambo is going to be even more violent, more grittier and gory than the previous Rambo films we’ve seen. I think Sly said in the past that he wants to make the next Rambo film 10x’s more violent than the last one released in 2008. The Rambo film released in 2008 was really good but way too short of a film. Hopefully the next one will be a good two hours or more.

I think Sly will still be badass as Rambo after all these years. He deserves to play the character one more time. I grew up watching Rocky and Rambo films. Both characters are heroes of mine.

When they start composing the music for “Rambo 5” which is usually done after the movie is made, I hope they bring back the Jerry Goldsmith music. They should especially bring back the main theme, “It’s a Long Road” which is a theme that opened “Rambo: First Blood” in 1982. It’s a great theme, they should keep it for the next one. I love that theme with the arpeggiated riff in the beginning of it. I think it’s a beautiful theme song for a movie. I think they will open Rambo 5 with this theme.


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