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Did Sly just hint that “Rambo 5” is gonna be his next movie after “Creed II”??? Yes, it seems like it’s going to be his next one and he’s training hard for it…


Sylvester Stallone just posted a photo of him working out in the gym after getting back home from vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend. In the hashtag he put Rambo 5. Does that mean he is filming the movie pretty soon? Well reports say that Rambo 5 will begin filming in Sept. of this year ’cause the film is slated for a Fall of 2019 release date. So yeah, it definitely looks like Rambo 5 is gonna be his next movie after “Creed II”. When Sly begins work on the next Rambo film, he’ll be off in a plane filming the movie in other countries like London, Bulgaria and the Canary Islands.

Look at Sly here… he’s looking fucking jacked… holy shit! Not bad for a 72 year old man! I think he has what it takes to play Rambo one more time. Also notice that Sly is trying to let his hair grow out again. He usually lets his hair grow out when a new Rambo film happens ’cause I guess they like having Rambo have long hair. I’m sure his hair will be long enough by the time Rambo starts filming.

The next Rambo movie is gonna be about John Rambo on the search for a missing daughter. She won’t be Rambo’s missing daughter, she’ll be a friend’s missing daughter. The next movie will be about Rambo battling sex traffickers which the plot sounds interesting.

I predict the next Rambo is going to be even more violent, more grittier and gory than the previous Rambo films we’ve seen. I think Sly said in the past that he wants to make the next Rambo film 10x’s more violent than the last one released in 2008. The Rambo film released in 2008 was really good but way too short of a film. Hopefully the next one will be a good two hours or more.

I think Sly will still be badass as Rambo after all these years. He deserves to play the character one more time. I grew up watching Rocky and Rambo films. Both characters are heroes of mine.

When they start composing the music for “Rambo 5” which is usually done after the movie is made, I hope they bring back the Jerry Goldsmith music. They should especially bring back the main theme, “It’s a Long Road” which is a theme that opened “Rambo: First Blood” in 1982. It’s a great theme, they should keep it for the next one. I love that theme with the arpeggiated riff in the beginning of it. I think it’s a beautiful theme song for a movie. I think they will open Rambo 5 with this theme.


Sly’s plot idea for “Expendables 3″… will he have females in the group this time???

While Lionsgates is moving forward to “Expendables 3” by casting Nicolas Cage first, Sly is already talking plot ideas for the next film. Sly reveals that the original Expendables group: Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Crews, and Li are done. Sly’s character, Barney Ross, looks for five new members, younger guys this time and Sly said he wanted two females in the group and said he would like to have Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano, which are good choices. Sigourney Weaver being in the film is a good idea too, and in fact, she should have been in one of the first two films.

See the news, here.

Pretty cool idea! Even if the original Expendables are done, hopefully, the original guys will still be in the movie in some way, I’m sure they will.

Also, Sly hinted that Rambo 5 may still be coming. I hope so. Rambo deserves one last movie. The 2008 “Rambo” film was really good but it shouldn’t be the final Rambo movie, I feel that Sly has another film in him. In that article, Sly admits he’s getting older and his body might not be up for doing action stunts, so hopefully his body holds up. I’m sure he still have some action scenes left in him. The guy is a monster and it’s amazing he’s still doing this.

Can’t wait for “Bullet to the Head” too, his next movie coming soon.


Report: AICN gives more details on “Rambo 5”, will it be a sci fi movie?

It seems that Sly already titled “Rambo 5” for the deal he made with Nu Image/Millenium, for now the title is, “Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt”. Sly already revealed plot details early to AICN.

I remember Sly saying in interviews in the past about “Rambo 5” where he had this crazy idea that he was going mix Rambo with sci fi, and my god, he isn’t kidding. He’s actually doing it.

Did Sly inspire this idea from Indy 4? Ha ha!

Read all about it here:


The plot idea sounds kind of cool and different. A different Rambo film, indeed, but I don’t like the title. I’m sure Sly will change the title in the future ’cause remember, Sly had over 20 different titles for “Rambo 4” and he just left the fourth Rambo title as just “Rambo”.

I think “Rambo: Savage” sounds like a better title, it’s very catchy. “Rambo 5: The Savage Hunt” sounds cheesy.


Thought: Sly, please bring back Brian Dennehy as Will Teasle for Rambo 5!!!

Rambo and Will Teasle were enemies in “First Blood”, but what if Sly brought back the Will Teasle character for a small role? Sly could make it like that Will Teasle is a retired Sheriff. Rambo and Will Teasle are good friends now in “Rambo V”. They could make it that Will Teasle will be the one that talks Rambo into going onto the mission to help rescue this little girl from human traffickers and drug lords in Mexico.

Brian Dennehy is still acting in film even though he is aging, he last starred in “Righteous Kill” with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro, and Dennehy had a pretty lengthy role in that film, and he still had the acting chops.

I’d say bring him back Sly! It’ll work!


Thought: Sly needs to bring Will Teasle back for “Rambo 5″…

Sly confirmed a while back he is also doing a Rambo 5 in the future, he’ll probably get right to work on that, after he’s done with “The Expendables”. What do you think? Should Sly bring Brian Dennehy back for Rambo 5? I think he should. Brian should be back as a retired Sheriff, Will Teasle, becoming friends with John Rambo in the fifth installment. Dennehy and Stallone reuniting would be pretty sweet. I really hope Sly considers bringing him back. Brian is getting old, yes, but he had a role in “Righteous Kill”, the new Al Pacino and Robert Deniro movie, and I can tell you, Brian still has the acting talent. It’s worth it to bring Brian back to Rambo. Do it Sly!! Write Brian as Will Teasle in the script for the next one. SERIOUSLY!!!


Report: Stallone confirms he’s planning to make Rambo 5, he also praises Mickey Rourke…

After several months of rumours and speculation whether or not Stallone is going to do a 5th installment to the Rambo series, Sly says, “Yes”. Only problem is, he can’t decide whether to do it in the United States or a different country.

Sly also praises Mickey Rourke for his success in the movie business. Some of you may know that Sly already did a movie with Mickey in “Get Carter”. Mickey next stars in “The Expendables” with Sly, they plan to start shooting this Spring.

More on it here:


See a scene with Sly and Mickey in “Get Carter” from the video below.


Report: Sylvester Stallone in Bulgaria in search of Rambo 5 locations…

Is Sylvester a world traveler or what? He sure is. 🙂

Just after receiving his Golden Icon life achievement award at the Zurich Festival he flew right over to Bulgaria in search of filming locations for the next Rambo installment.

While there, Sly meets the Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov in person since Mayor Boyko is a huge fan of Sly. In the link below, you can see a photo of Sly in Bulgaria.

More on it here:


I think Rambo 5 is Sly’s next movie. That’s what it’s looking like anyways as the news of Rambo 5 keeps coming. Look like Sly already finished the script for Rambo 5 if he’s already out there looking for filming locations.

No actual confirmation from Sly himself if he’s doing Rambo next but I’m sure he will speak out on something soon.


BREAKING NEWS: Nu Image/Millenium confirms “Rambo 5″…

While this article in Variety is confirming a new “Three Musketeers” film, the article also confirms Nu Image/Millenium will work on a 5th Rambo.

This quote from the article:

“Millennium is reviving the Robert E. Howard-created Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja characters, as well as Hercules and Buck Rogers. And after its “Rambo” revival grossed $100 million worldwide earlier this year, Millennium is working on another installment.”

Variety Reports:


So there you have it, Variety just confirmed the rumours that “Rambo 5” will be Stallone’s next movie. So don’t get your hopes up on Stallone doing anything else next ’cause I believe Stallone is preparing for another Rambo.

I’m so happy for Sly he’s doing another one. He might as well do one more Rambo before he gets any older.

Rambo 4 did leave open for another movie so it would make sense if Stallone did another one. I want more Rambo! 4 movies ain’t enough! I hope Sly comes up with a good plot for Rambo 5.