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Sly’s plot idea for “Expendables 3″… will he have females in the group this time???

While Lionsgates is moving forward to “Expendables 3” by casting Nicolas Cage first, Sly is already talking plot ideas for the next film. Sly reveals that the original Expendables group: Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Crews, and Li are done. Sly’s character, Barney Ross, looks for five new members, younger guys this time and Sly said he wanted two females in the group and said he would like to have Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano, which are good choices. Sigourney Weaver being in the film is a good idea too, and in fact, she should have been in one of the first two films.

See the news, here.

Pretty cool idea! Even if the original Expendables are done, hopefully, the original guys will still be in the movie in some way, I’m sure they will.

Also, Sly hinted that Rambo 5 may still be coming. I hope so. Rambo deserves one last movie. The 2008 “Rambo” film was really good but it shouldn’t be the final Rambo movie, I feel that Sly has another film in him. In that article, Sly admits he’s getting older and his body might not be up for doing action stunts, so hopefully his body holds up. I’m sure he still have some action scenes left in him. The guy is a monster and it’s amazing he’s still doing this.

Can’t wait for “Bullet to the Head” too, his next movie coming soon.