Just purchased some more albums from Itunes today…

Well I purchased some albums from Itunes today. From old albums to new albums that were released this year. I try my best to catch up with the new music that’s out in 2018. I don’t know much about new music these days ’cause there’s nothing good out lately, ya know? I still happen to find good music this year the best I can but it’s hard. I really love the band Ghost though… they are the best thing going.

Yeah, I know I buy quite a lot of albums from Itunes but what else am I going to get music from since record stores are dying in front of our very own eyes? Since you can no longer buy albums on physical CD from Best Buy anymore, the compact disc is just about dead pretty much. Nobody buying CD’s anymore. Why? Obviously, the online music world is destroying the album for sure. Everybody have been buying albums and songs online mostly like with Itunes and Amazon. People also have been listening to albums and songs with online streaming services like with Apple Music and Spotify.

Really sad that no one cares for CD’s anymore. I still like CD’s ’cause it’s cool to have the album cover and all that stuff. Soon the CD will be dead for good.

I’m also noticing that a lot of people don’t buy full albums anymore like they used to. They only pick certain songs they like so they can use the shuffle on their Ipods and crap like that. I never liked to listen to music that way. I’ve always been an album kind of a guy. I’ve always liked to listen through the full album from start to finish. That’s how I always liked to listen to music. I continue to buy a lot of albums even to this day ’cause that’s who I am. I’m a music lover and gotta be around it. I’ve always loved supporting bands and artists ever since I was a kid and never stopped. When I’m not playing an instrument, I’ve got to listen to others music too to stay inspired.


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