When Hulk Hogan returns to WWE television on RAW or Smackdown, will there still be a place for him in today’s WWE? Yes! There will be plenty for him to do!

Hulk Hogan is an icon in wrestling but at the same time, he is admittedly one of the most controversial personalities in the industry. He is one of those who you either love or hate. Through the wrestling forums and the blogs, there’s an assumption that there is no place for Hogan in today’s WWE. That’s an assumption made by the haters, of course. They make claims that there is nothing for him to do in today’s generation of wrestling. They’re saying stuff that if Hogan returns no one will care for him anymore due to his negative and controversial past in the news. They are also saying that there is nothing for Hogan to do creatively with the new WWE roster.

I would say all that is a bunch of bullshit. Ya see, Hogan gets a lot of bad press in the national news and even the wrestling smart sites give him bad press too and its sad that a lot of wrestling fans believe the stuff they about him. I think the wrestling news media are in a desperate attempt to destroy the man too. Love him or hate him all you want to… you can destroy the man all you want to but you can’t get rid of Hulkmania. Ya just can’t ’cause Hulkamania will always be around. You can try and tarnish Hulk’s legacy all you want but it will never happen. Hulk is too big of an icon in wrestling and the man is still extremely popular.

If you want evidence that Hulk Hogan is still popular with fans, if you watch RAW, SD and the ppvs lately, you’ll see a lot of fans in the audience wearing Hulk Hogan wrestling gear — there are also fans who go as far as dressing up like him at live wrestling events. There are also a lot of fans that still wear nWo shirts after all these years. If you go to Hulk’s twitter page, he’s always posting videos of him meeting lots of fans. So yeah, wrestling fans still love Hulk Hogan and I think they will welcome him back to WWE TV with open arms. You can hate the man all you want to but Hulk Hogan is still a huge draw. Watch for it… when he returns to RAW or SD (which ever show WWE chooses to put him on), I’m pretty positive the ratings will go up a bit.

As for what there is for Hogan to do when he comes back to WWE TV, there’s plenty. I think a one more match is a possibility and they’ll probably put Hogan in a GM role. Hogan would be a good general manger for either RAW or Smackdown.

I think Hogan returning in today’s WWE with all the new superstars would be a good opportunity for them. It’ll be a good opportunity for them all to perform with a legend for one. All those new stars got into the business ’cause of Hulk Hogan pretty much.

Debating people about Hulk Hogan is pretty tough ’cause he has a mix of fans and lots of haters. Don’t debate about Hulk with the haters ’cause they’ll always have negative opinions about him no matter what is being said. Yep, Hulk is still very popular with the fans and that’s what all the wrestling smart news sites don’t want you to know about. Yeah, I’m a huge wrestling nerd but I hate all them wrestling news sites online. I think Dave Meltzer is an asshole and I don’t like his reporting at all. They’re all pretty bad really. The reason a lot of wrestling news sites out there are negative with Hulk Hogan is ’cause it helps draw in traffic with Hogan haters. That’s why they won’t stop the bad press on him.

Hulk is a legend and an icon and anyone who denies that is a stupid fuckin’ jealous idiot. I really do think a lot of people hate the man out of pure jealousy and nothing more. I mean, think about it right? Hulk is a 12 time champion — won 6 titles in WCW and won 6 titles in WWE… he also won the tag team titles with Edge once. Hulk accomplished a lot and he became a very rich man due to his wrestling career and his acting career. He’s a movie star too. Despite all the negativity and backlash he gets, he’s doing pretty well for himself.

If Hulk Hogan does happen to have one last match in WWE, who would he wrestle against??? It would probably be against a WWE veteran or one of the newer stars. Maybe Hulk can have a match with Triple H or Brock Lesnar. If he’s going to have a match with one of the new stars, I would say either Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns. Even better, they should put him against John Cena. Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena would be cool ’cause that’s a dream match that never happened and should happen. There’s a lot of speculation out there that Hogan will never have one more match due to his age and his back problems but ya never know. I think they’ll figure something out for him.

Hulkamania still rules. Don’t listen to the haters.


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