Really getting into jazz music as I get older, really incredible stuff… wish I got into jazz a long time ago…

I think my tastes in music is slowly changing as I age. I’m in my 40’s now and I’m just starting to listen to other types of music besides rock and metal. I still love rock and metal — I always will and will never lose interest in that but you can’t listen to rock/metal all the time, ya know? I’m slowly starting to find other types of music to listen to like jazz music. I’ve already been listening to jazz music for the past several years now. I got my start in listening to jazz music by getting into Al Di Meola at first which I really like and I own like 7 or 8 albums of his on my Ipod.

Miles Davis “Bitches Brew” is one of my favorite jazz albums of all time and I have that album in my CD collection. I’ve had that CD in my collection for a long time. Another jazz artist I’ve just started listening to is John Coltrane and I’m sure you’re all familiar with him too. I have two studio albums by Coltrane on my Ipod Touch which are “Blue Train” and “Love Supreme” which both albums are pretty fucking sick.

I really love jazz music and really trying to get into it full time. There are a lot more jazz artists that I really want to get into. When it comes to jazz music, I do want to listen to other jazz guitarists but I also want to listen to jazz artists that plays other brass instruments like the saxophone, trumpet, etc. Miles Davis was a trumpeter and Coltrane was saxophonist and both were genius’s on those instruments.

I still need to listen to other jazz artists like Wes Montgomery, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Django Reinhardt, George Benson, Billie Holiday, etc. I’ll get to all them.

I can’t listen to loud guitar music all the time. Sometimes I got to listen to relaxing music and I do that. When I want to listen to relaxing music to calm me down, I’ll listen to jazz and blues. I try to get into classical music but I can’t see myself listening to that all the time. Jazz and blues is what I prefer more.

I’m also a huge fan of blues music… I’ve listened to a lot of blues over the years of my life. I’m trying to get into jazz and blues music for more guitar playing inspiration pretty much ’cause I’m trying to make my playing sound more jazzy and bluesy. I also listen to jazz and blues music ’cause it’s just enjoyable music to listen to. As for who my favorite blues artists are, I would say: Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, SRV, Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Bonamassa.

Jazz and blues are not popular genres anymore like they used to be but they are still around. One day I would like to make an instrumental jazz album myself and yes, I am trying to learn jazz guitar here and there.


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