I didn’t think I would be competing for anything in bodybuilding but I’m doing it, gonna do a power lifting meet next Friday… can’t wait!

Well, I got a pretty good announcement to make. I’m gonna do a power lifting meet next week in Albany which is next Friday night. I didn’t think I would be competing for anything in bodybuilding but I think I’m gonna give it a try and see what it’s like. Just to do something different and fun. Ya know, challenge myself a little bit. I just wanted to get into bodybuilding so I can become the best shape of my life… I never really got into this for any kind of competition.

I’m going to this event with some people that I know that do these power lifting contests… they invited me so I said, why not? I’m going. Not only did they ask me to go with them, they also asked me to do the contests since I’ve been lifting weights for a long while now. I guess, they’ve seen me what I do on those videos I made and they know I’m capable of doing competition.

I don’t think I’ll be lifting super duper heavy on the bench press and dead-lift but I’m just going to lift as heavy as I can lift. The last time I did dead lift in the gym, I did 140 lbs but I could probably do a little heavier than that. As far as bench press goes, I don’t know how heavy I can lift on that ’cause I haven’t done bench press in a long time. I’ve been doing mostly dumbbell work for my chest but if I’m going to do these competition meets, I think I’ll go back into benching starting this week next time I do chest day. Like I said, I’m not a super-heavy lifter yet so I won’t be good enough to win anything. I don’t think I’ll win any trophies or anything but that’s okay. Either way, I’m just doing this for fun and that’s all.

Time to get back into bench press if I’m going to do this. I’m not nervous at all. I’m totally ready and totally confident. I’m just going to go there and show people what I can do and that’s it.

I can’t lift over 200 lbs. yet, I’m not that kind of lifter yet but I hope to be someday and I will get there. Just taking my slow time and being patient about it.

These people I’m going to this event with kind of talked me into it so I said, “Yes, I’ll go”. I’m going to a gym called Albany Strength XXXL to do this event there. Looking forward to it. Yes, I’m planning on bringing my Ipod camera so I can film my lifts for Instagram/FB and all that stuff.

Even though I can’t lift super duper heavy yet, I am feeling much stronger and feeling the best shape of my life. I am getting great results lately in my physique when doing this 4 day a week routine all Spring/Summer. I feel my arms are getting bigger, my chest is shaping up too and just feeling really really good.

Looking forward to going to that event next week. Not only will I get to lift there, I’ll also get to meet all kinds of new people which I’m looking forward to as well. Gonna be a fun time, I’m sure.

When you get into bodybuilding and fitness, been doing it for years like I have now and get invited to a strength competition, you know you’re going somewhere and doing something right. I’ve always thought about getting into power lifting and strong man stuff. Doing that stuff will help me get bigger in size too.


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